10 Foods We Love But Can't Afford Anymore Because They're Too Expensive

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As prices soar, some of our favorite foods have become too pricey for everyday indulgence. From luxurious seafood to organic produce, here’s a look at 10 beloved foods that have become too costly for many to enjoy regularly.

AUTHOR: Ben Rice

1. Coke

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"At one dollar, I bought it, but at two dollars-fifty, you realize corn syrup and carbonated water just ain't worth it," begins the first observer. "It's really not food, and you don't really miss it." There could be a small victory in carbonated drinks going up in price so sharply — that is a whole lot of corn syrup to escape. "No disrespect to the soda drinkers, but I feel like increased prices for soda are a good thing," someone notes.

2. Out-of-Season Produce

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Buying fruits and veggies out of their season can cost a pretty penny. Why? They're often flown in from far away, which bumps up the price. Plus, they might not taste as good as when they're fresh from the harvest. Eating seasonally not only saves money but also means you get better-tasting, fresher produce.

3. Cereal

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"Cereal isn't worth it anymore to me," explains one commenter. "I can't bring myself to spend five or six dollars a box." I have gone off cereal since I was a teenager, though the occasional bowl of my son's Cheerios may go missing. But that stuff is not cheap! "I was shocked recently when I saw the price of cereal!" replies a cereal lover. "Six dollars for what will maybe be four servings."

4. Processed Food

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"I guess it is kind of a good thing because now I actually cook my meals," explains a born-again home cook. "I am lucky to have the time to do this and enjoy doing it: this has been healthier and cheaper for me." Even something as simple as boiling or microwaving peas is tastier than opening a can.

5. Frozen Foods

Frozen Pizza
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"I stopped buying lots of things that Aldi really jacked up prices on," reveals a commenter, "like their frozen pizzas and frozen hash brown potatoes." Of course, preparing your own pizza can be time-consuming, but fresh ingredients carry far more nutrition than their frozen counterparts; furthermore, you are paying a tax for the time-saving value.

6. Mass-Produced Meat

Frozen meats
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"Grocery store meat," states the following thread leader. "I figure if meat costs as much as it does already, I may as well travel an hour, go to my local farm, and usually pay an identical price, or maybe a couple of dollars more for much, much higher-quality food." Moreover, you can subscribe to a monthly delivery from some local farmers.

7. Herbs

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"Things I can grow in pots on my balcony, such as herbs, etc.," adds the next observer. "I was finding it so wasteful to buy them when I only needed a few leaves, and then the rest would go off." Like this commenter, I, too, feel grief when wasting the majority of an overpriced herb sprig. Note to self: Plant that herb garden you have been promising soon.

8. Bread

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"Bread baking machines start from 60 euros," writes a European thread visitor. "Baking one (loaf of) bread costs about 80 cents, including energy." I love making bread, but I have little time for it. A tip for any budding baker: you need to create a yeasty environment to make good bread. Source: a baker.

9. Seafood

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"Can't really get any fish or shellfish for less than $15/lb," complains a commenter with a penchant for marine protein. "And when I have gotten stuff on sale, I bring it home, and it stinks and tastes bad." I hope for this person that something changes soon; I love seafood, too, and I feel this person's pain.

10. Ice Cream

Ice Cream
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Ice cream is that sweet treat we all love, especially during hot summer days. But have you noticed it's getting pricier? The cost of ingredients like milk, sugar, and even the energy to make and store it cold is going up. This means your favorite scoop might not be such a cheap treat anymore, but it's hard to resist its creamy goodness.

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