Instant Pot  Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Gather all the  ingredients.

Step 1

Press saute and add oil.

Step 2

Saute chicken breast on both sides until brown.

Step 3

Take out the chicken and cut into pieces.

Step 4

Add butter.

Step 5

Add spinach and onions and saute for 2 minutes.

Step 6

Add all the spices and the chicken broth.

Step 7

Add the pasta and Italian Seasoning.

Step 8

Cook on high pressure for 7 minutes.

Step 9

Do a quick release and open the lid.

Step 10

Add parmesan cheese.

Step 11

Add Cream Cheese.

Step 12

Add milk.

Step 13

Add sun-dried tomatoes and stir well.

Step 14

Take out the pasta, top with chicken and serve :)

Step 15