Instant Pot Carne  Asada

Quick Easy Delicious

Gather all the  ingredients.

Step 1

In a bowl mix chopped tomato, pepper, and chopped onion.

Step 2

Add pepper, salt,  lime and lemon juice and stir well. Keep aside.

Step 3

In another bowl, mix onion, beef and garlic powder.

Step 4

Add cumin, oregano, sugar, pepper flakes and lime and lemon juice.

Step 5

Pour into the Instant Pot and add beef stock.

Step 6

Cook on high pressure for 6 minutes and wait for a natural release.

Step 7

Fill the tortillas with  beef, the salsa you made, avocado, cilantro and any toppings.

Step 8

Serve and  enjoy :)

Step 9