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What you will find on Corrie Cooks?

1. I answer common cooking questions people have.
These tend to be questions that people have about various products they are looking to buy or already own. I also focus on answering questions posed by people looking to learn a new skill in the kitchen. To see my collection of educational cooking articles click here.

2. I compare popular products that people have trouble deciding on when shopping.
For instance when someone is in the market for a stovetop pressure cooker and they can’t decided between one model and another that are appear to be very similar I help them identify the differences and figure out for themselves which model will best meet their needs. To see my list of comparison posts click here.

3. I help people find the exact product they are looking for based on feature or benefit.
This is a problem I see a lot in the marketplace. Someone is looking for something very specific and they have a hard time find it. I try to help curate products by unique feature so that customers can find exactly what they are looking for. It’s really easy to find lists of bestselling models from any category but if you are looking to find something more specific then it can get really hard for customers to find options. Lower on this page I’ve got a short list of pages as examples of this curation technique I use on the website.

4. I help people find recipes.
After years of collecting and trying recipes, I’m glad to share The Instant Pot Recipe Index , which is a huge collection with over 715 pressure cooker recipes. I am not a chef by any means but I do a lot of cooking and know good recipes when I try them. I try to add at least 1 recipe per day.