VonShef Air Fryer Review

VonShef Air Fryer Review

Today, Corrie Cooks is going to present before you a strange case. The VonShef Air Fryer is famous because of its unique brand name.

Don’t get me wrong, it does offer you with a lot of things. It offers you with functionality, versatility and even durability. However, that’s not why it became famous. It simply because famous because of its different name. Several people just loved the way it sounded and they decided to give it a try over the famous Philips Avance XL Air Fryer.

So, what are the main features of the VonShef Air Fryer?

The VonShef Air Fryer provides you with quite a few features. In fact, it provides you with all these features at a pretty reasonable rate. That is the main reason why it is one of the bestselling products in the Air Fryer market. So, you must be wondering by now what these “features” are. These features are as follows:VonShef Air Fryer

  • First of all comes capacity. The VonShef Air Fryer provides you with a 2.3 Quart, which is just slightly lesser than the Philips Avance XL model that provides you with a capacity of around 5 Liters.
  • Again, The VonShef Air Fryer is not a digital Air Fryer. This makes it comparatively more durable. Durability is a really plus point when it comes to modern electronics. That is why this point becomes important.
  • While it isn’t digital, that doesn’t mean it lags behind on technology. It uses hot air with a rapid air flow system to prepare your food properly at the fastest speed.
  • This model also provides you with temperature control, which is a really great feature to be able to properly cook all the foods you want to cook. In comparison, the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer does not provide you with it. That makes the fixed temperature too hot for some foods while it’s too cold for some others.
  • Again, The VonShef Air Fryer also has a 60 minute timer with an automatic turn off feature. This means that you can pre-plan and leave. You don’t have to babysit your Air fryer all the time it works.

Sounds cool so far, right? Well here are some negative points.

Well, while it might be sounding like it’s the best available Air Fryer out there till now, well… it’s not. There are quite a few limitations with a model even like this one. These limitations force some customers to turn to other models, preventing it from being the undisputed best in the industry.

The main ones of such shortcomings that this Air Fryer has are as follows:

  • First of all, it lacks customization and versatility and choice. This implies to size as well as color. This is literally a single model and it does not allow you to choose anything. This essentially makes it a take-or-leave scenario. This is a pretty disadvantageous stand for a product.
  • Secondly, this Air Fryer lacks Digitization. While it does make it slightly more durable, it makes it less attractive and much less easy to use. This is a really negative point because several customers actually don’t buy it because of this.
  • For an XL model, the size of 2.3 Quart isn’t really a lot. There are quite a few models ranging from Philips Avance XL all the way up to the 16 quart big boss (click here to check out my review on the Big Boss).

Is the VonShef Air Fryer worth it?

You must be wondering by now if the VonShef Air Fryer is actually worth it at the end of the day. The VonShef Air fryer is actually a pretty nice model. Yes, it doesn’t provide you with all the options of the world. However, you should not let yourself be pushed away from it because of just that.

Yes, you have to take the given things, and that’s a negative point. But there’s also the positive things that come with it, which outnumber the negative points by far in case of the VonShef Air Fryer.

Whenever someone asks me this question, I bet they expect an answer in yes or no. Well, let’s look at it differently alright?

It might be and it might not be. This actually completely depends on you. Everyone has some specific needs. The best we can do from here is to look at the most common needs and judge based on those, but in everyone’s case it’s always case specific. So technically, it can be a good or a bad choice for you based on your exact needs.

You might find that it serves all your needs perfectly at the lowest possible price, in a such a case it is the best model out there for you. You must understand that your specific needs make you different as a person, an unique identity. And that implies that any model might be specifically the best for you and that solely depends on your exact needs.

What are some of the competing models

There are quite a few models that are competing with even the VonShef Air Fryer. However, this makes it all the more important to take a look at at least some of them. So, the main competing models are:

In terms of functionality, this product competes with the Della Electric Air Fryer, Power Air Fryer and GoWISE USA GW22622 Air Fryer.

In terms of Pricing, however, you might want to call the Power Air Fryer XL the closest competitor.





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