T-FAL P25107 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker vs T-FAL P45007 Clipso

T-FAL P25107 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker vs T-FAL P45007 Clipso

If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste money on anything, especially when it comes to the kitchen. This can make choosing a stovetop pressure cooker can be difficult sometimes. They all seem so similar so how can you really know what’s the best value for your money?

Having to choose between two from the same company can be especially difficult. Today we will be comparing the T-FAL P25107 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker and the T-FAL P45007 Clipso Pressure cooker.

Both of these cookers are quite exceptional for stovetop cookers. Particularly because they are made of stainless steel rather than aluminum. Stainless Steel spreads the heat evenly and ensures a perfect meal each time, not to mention it doesn’t burn as bad.

Neither of these pressure cookers have been covered on our site yet so this article will be the first.

The P25107 is the cheaper of the two, and the smaller one. The 945007 cooker has either a 6.3-quart or 8-quart model.

T-FAL is a smaller company than most of the names we typically cover on the site, but they have some fairly nice products. Hopefully, if you choose T-FAL, this article will make it a bit easier to choose which stovetop pressure cooker is more your style.

That being said, let’s a look at the main differences between these two stovetop pressure cookers.

How Are They Different?

So as I said, these cookers are from the same company and are similar in many ways. There are a couple notable differences, however;

  1. The P45007 cooker has an available 8-quart model. The P25107 cooker is a 6.3 quart.
  2. The P45 cooker comes with a few more accessories.

In all honesty aside from the price and size, these two cookers are very similar.

But, Let’s take a look into each cooker individually so that you can get a picture of just what they can do before you make a final choice.

T-FAL P25107 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

T-FAL P25107 Stovetop Pressure CookerThe T-FAL P25107 is the cheaper model of the two we are comparing today. This cooker comes in at $50 roughly depending on where you look.

On amazon, this cooker is on the same page as a pressure canner (not to be confused for a pressure cooker) that is also from T-FAL. The Pressure canner is specifically designed for canning foods and is 10-quarts. Just wanted to clear that up.

This cooker features many neat things for the price. It has a two setting PSI option, either 15 or 10 depending on your needs. While it does have this, the P45007 has more than just two settings.

This cooker, along with that, has a long cool touch handle. This makes it a convenient tool because it mitigates a number of burns you would usually be subject to with your average stovetop pressure cooker.

This cooker is made of a stainless steel metal that spreads heat evenly throughout the pot and helps to evenly cook the meal inside, ensuring perfect meals every time. On top of that, it avoids the issue you would face with a conventional stovetop cooker. Most stovetop cookers are made of an aluminum allow that can be burnt and marked very easily, weakening the pot. This means that this pot will last longer than your average cooker.

It is also worth mentioning that this cooker is completely dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to wash it by hand all the time. The coating on the inside is completely PTFE, PFOA, and Cadmium Free

This cooker overall, for the price, is a great cooker for its price. It is small and easy to clean and store. If you are looking for a stovetop cooker, the P25107 is a great way to go. This is definitely a good buy.

T-FAL P45007 Clipso

T-FAL P45007 Stovetop Pressure CookerThis cooker is a great cooker to start with. This cooker comes in either a 6.3-quart option or an 8-quart option, something the P25107 model lacks.

This cooker is one of the many pressure cookers T-FAL has made and has quite a few features that you don’t see all too often unless you purchase one of the more expensive pressure cookers on the market.

This cooker, like the one above, is made from a stainless steel alloy and is completely dishwasher safe. You don’t have to always wash it by hand, so it is very convenient.

The 8-quart option is significantly more expensive than the 6.3-quart option. Making it less appealing. The 8-quart option cost around $115.

The stainless steel cooker can be used with any method, including induction heating.

The P45 comes with a couple accessories that the P25 lacks.

  1. Steam basket.
  2. A Stand.
  3. A recipe booklet.

This cooker also has multiple PSI settings(steam release controls) for some added control when cooking.

The cooking handle is a one-touch, safe handle that rests on top of the lid and keeps the cooker a safe alternative to most cookers. The nice thing about this is that it stays locked in place while the cooker is pressurized so your little ones(if you have any) won’t be able to open the pot and hurt themselves.

Overall, this cooker is really great. The only drawback I would say is that the 8-quart model is so pricey.

If You Choose T-FAL, Should You But The Clipso Or The P25107?

Both of these cookers are of really great value and you can’t really go wrong buying either one. The only thing that I would say is that if you are going to buy the 8-quart model, consider looking into an electric pressure cooker. If you are going to spend that much money on a cooker I would recommend taking a look at some of our reviews of electric pressure cookers. You can get a lot of functionality out of

The reason I say this is because if you are going to spend that much money on a cooker, you can buy a really nice electric one that can save you a lot of money and space. We have a number of reviews covering electric pressure cookers on this website.

You can get 10x the functionality out of an electric pressure cooker and they can replace a lot of the smaller other appliances or pots you may keep around that take up a ton of space.

But if you insist on sticking to a stovetop pressure cooker, Both of these 6.3-quart cookers are great decisions and provide great sustainable pots at an amazing price.

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