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T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Review

T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Review

Let’s discuss about the beautiful and famous T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer today! I’ve always loved the way deep fried food tastes so I’ve always admired deep fryers. And T-fal, as you must know, is one of the most reliable line of products with Electric Pressure Cookers as well as Air Fryers. This proves that your model is actually from a reputed and versatile line of products.

For foodies and junkies like me, fried food is always the tastiest and their whole family can certify for them! So, if you’re a food junkie like me, this article is for you! In fact, even if you’re not one but you just love fried food or even just feel interested, don’t hesitate to read it till the last word!

What are the main features for the T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer?

The T-fal FR800 comes from the T-fal line of products. Several lines might fail you in something or the other but T-fal? Never. It’s one of those lines that I advocate having faith on (and trust me, I don’t say this often). So well, there’s no hint of doubt about its quality or efficiency or affordability.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t check out if it fits our need. First of all, to do that, we need to find out what exactly it offers us. So, the main things that it offers us with might be summed up as follows:T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

  • First of all, the T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer is obviously made by the T-fal line of products.
  • This Deep Fryer has an oil capacity of 3.5 Litres.
  • It also has a food capacity of about 2.6 pounds. Means you can make a whole batch of french fries at the same time!
  • The Basket has 2 positions that you can place it on. One of them is the position where it submerges in oil and cooks the food. The other one is where it is out of the oil and the oil actually drops down. This stops your deep fried food from being oily as is the case with some other appliances out there.
  • There are also temperature settings that you can choose from to ensure that it’s cooked at the right temperature. This feature is absent in the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer.
  • You are also provided with an option to drop the oil in the container below. This can be used to easily filter as well as get the oil there.
  • This Deep Fryer also claims to have one of the best oil filtration systems out there. Quoting from Amazon:

    Patented EZ Clean oil-filtration system for convenient deep frying, cost savings, and simple oil storage

  • It has a brushed stainless steel body. This makes it quite beautiful to look at. And that means that it fits in well with your beautiful kitchen.
  • It has a non-stick interior pot. This makes cooking simple and makes you love to cook deep fried food as much as you love to eat them!
  • The Basket and the Lid of this model are dishwasher safe.
  • Finally, the T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer is also one of the economically loved models. It provides you with value for your money and that’s why most people actually suggest going for it. This has made it one of the bestselling deep fryers.

What are some of the negative points for this Deep Fryer?

The T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer isn’t free from its own set of vices either. There are quite a few things that you must keep in mind when you go for it to ensure that you don’t make the mistake some people did earlier. So, the few negative things that might want to make you look elsewhere are as follows:

  • The biggest complain about this model is the depth. It is said that the amount of oil that it holds is far lesser than what you’d like. Several people have actually outraged about how they expected to cook food with it but found that it can only cook crumbs. Corrie Cooks knows how much you love chicken wings. But we all want to cook all the amount of one dish at once if we can. Who wants to make it in twenty batches? Well, if you’re looking forward to cooking a lot or cooking something really big, I think you should look elsewhere.
  • Second is the fact that the heating coil is not attached. For some people, it’s actually difficult to attach it whenever you want to. Not only does it make the process more complicated and time consuming but it also makes you not want to cook more. Also, it forces you to use the basket every time. This is a really disheartening point that makes several people turn away from it.

Is this model worth it?

Well, this is entirely for you to decide. This model might be and might not be worth for you. The only way to find it is by judging it according to your needs. Besides the general needs everyone has, everyone has some special needs of their own. You must keep them in mind when judging a model like this.

Please keep in mind that the best model isn’t the one that most people love or even the one with the most functionalities at the most affordable rate. The best model for you is the one that provides you with all that you need at the most reasonable price.

According to me, this model provides you with a lot. If you don’t want to cook something really huge or a lot of something, I think this model is worth going for.

What are the main competing models?

Like all other models, this model also has quite a few competing models. Let us take a look at the main models that are competing with this model:

  • Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer Review
  • Presto 05420 FryDaddy Review
  • T-fal FF492D Mini Deep Fryer Review

To find out the right model for you and to check out more reviews and comparisons between models, stay tuned to Corrie Cooks!

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