T-fal CY505E vs Cosori Electric Pressure Cookers

T-fal CY505E vs cosori electric pressure cookers

Today we have a good comparison. We have two equal priced cookers with some very different functions.

We will be comparing the T-Fal CY505E Pressure cooker and the Cosori Electric Pressure Cooker. These two cookers are similar in a multitude of ways, but at the same time, are very different.

I will also be noting the other two pressure cookers made by Cosori in this article.

This article will highlight the main differences between these two cookers as well as some of the more in-depth pros and cons of each of them. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will put a little more thought into what you want out of an appliance and what is worth spending the extra money on.

It is also worth noting that the T-FAL cooker comes in two sizes while the Cosori Pressure cooker comes in one.

I will also mention that the Cosori cooker is a bit of a smaller name on the market. The T-FAL is in a sense as well but is still better known than Cosori.

So with all that being said, let’s get into the main differences in these cookers and just what makes one better than the other.

The Main Differences In The Cosori And The T-FAL

Both of these cookers are very different. Some differences being more obvious than others.

So just what are these differences?

  1. The Cosori cooker is a 7-in-1 multifunction while the T-FAL is a 12-in-1.
  2. The Cosori cooker is a smaller name and its products are much newer.
  3. While the Cosori cooker is only a  7-in-1 in terms of function modes, it also has 15 preset cooking programs for added ease.
  4. The Cosori cooker also comes with a free slow-cooking glass lid.

So these two cookers are fairly different. The Cosori cooker is a bit more convenient and diverse, while the T-FAL is better known.

As I said, both of these cookers are pretty equally priced so there is no difference there. This alone can make this a tough decision.

With all that said, let’s take a look at each cooker individually and see what they can do.

T-FAL Electric Pressure Cooker

T-fal CY505EThe T-FAL Electric Pressure Cooker is the First Electric PC from the T-FAL company, with the 3 previous models all being non-electric.

For the first in a line, this cooker has many features that many of the more expensive cookers on the market have at a much lower price.

This cooker is a 12-in-1 multifunction cooker that has many convenience features such as a delay timer that goes up to 24 hours

This is worth noting, according to the Amazon sales page the CY505E has a yogurt cooking preset but unfortunately this is an error. This T-Fal model can cook only as low as 158 degrees which is much to high for yogurt making. To properly make yogurt the cooker would have to maintain steady temperatures at 110 degrees for proper fermentation.

Despite this point of confusion this cooker is still a really great lower priced alternative to the more expensive cookers on the market. For it’s pricve point it still does a lot and is built well.

So let’s look at some of the more in-depth pros and cons of this cooker and just what makes it stand out in its price range so much;


  • a delay timer that goes up to 24 hours,
  • A manual timer option that goes from 5 minutes all the way up to 12 hours.
  • Multiple optional presets to make setting up a meal a breeze.
  • a 6.3-quart bowl for a little extra food room.
  • a “DIY Chef” setting to create your own preset for a favorite meal.

But with all these benefits there have to be some downsides to this cooker right? Right. But just what are they?


  • lacks a stainless steel bowl by default
  • Although it has an 8-quart option, the 8-quart is a non-electric stovetop cooker.

So it does have a few drawbacks, one being that the 8-quart model is non-electric. I wasn’t going to mention the non-electric version, but they are under the same model number and page on amazon so I wanted to make sure there was no confusion.

Cosori Electric Pressure Cookers, A Smaller Name With New Products

Cosori 7-in-1 Multifuntional Pressure CookerThis Cooker, although a small name, still has some value to its pressure cookers and is definitely worth taking a look at. They are still small and new compared to Instant Pot and have ways to go to prove themselves. So let’s take a look at its pressure cookers, of which there are only 3 as of the time of writing.

One thing I have not mentioned to this point is that these cookers also do not have a yogurt maker option.

  1. Cosori C3120-PC

The C3120 is a miniature pressure cooker coming in at only 2 quarts. It has 7-in-1 multifunction cooking as well as the fact that it cooks about 70% faster than your average non-electric pressure cooker which in turn saves more energy because of the smaller time frame. It is designed for individual use rather than cooking for a larger family, perfect for living on your own while not wanting to plain old instant food.

2. Cosori C1156-PC

This is their most popular cooker as it is a full-fledged 6-quart cooker that has 15 preset programs for quick and convenient setup. It eliminates the need to wait a long time for a meal to be done and can serve a whole family. It as well as the C3120 have an optional glass lid for your slow cooking needs.

3. Cosori C2126-PC

This cooker is not much different from the C3120 cooker. It is the second iteration of the C3120 and has a volume of 6-quarts similar to the C1156 cooker. Not much to say here as the size is pretty much the only difference from the C3120 model.

The C1156 is the model I was referring to earlier. It has several functions that make pressure cookers nice. It has a delay timer and keep-warm function as well as 15 preset modes that make it convenient for home use.

Which Is The Best Cooker?

As I said earlier, both of these cookers are equally priced and are very functional.

Overall though, in terms of the cooker itself, I think the Cosori Cooker wins this one.

It is all really based on personal choice, but personally, the added 15 cooking functions makes it very convenient.

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