T-fal CY505E electric pressure cooker vs Elite Platinum pressure cooker: The prime differences

T-Fal CY505E electric pressure cooker vs Elite Platinum

When it comes to choosing the perfect pressure cooker, I always am on the lookout for the best deal available. I need the right thing in exchange for my hard earned money. It is so simple and so hard at the same time. While the deals are so alluring that you can never go wrong, less caution equals mistake.

The Elite Platinum Pressure cooker series is undoubtedly one of the most reputed in the electronic pressure cooker market. In this article, I’m going to help you find out where the T-fal CY505E stands in comparison to the Elite Platinum series by comparing them closely.

Let us Look at the Features of the T-fal CY505E

T-fal CY505EThe T-fal CY505E is one of the pressure cookers that offer a lot more than the price they’re available at. The prime features that this pressure cooker offers are:

  1. It is a 12-in-one programmable electric multi-function pressure cooker with a body of stainless steel.
  2. The T-fal CY505E boasts of an astonishing 25 in built smart programs.
  3. It offers you a volume of 6.3 (you might have read that another model of T-fal is available with a volume of 8 quarts- We will be coming to that soon) quarts.
  4. It has a wattage of about 1000.
  5. it boasts of a 4-layer ceramic cooking pot.

However, it is mention worthy here that the T-fal comes in a couple of sizes and variants:

  • The T-fal has a stovetop model. The stovetop model has two sizes available: 6 quarts and 8 quarts.
  • The T-fal Cy505E has an electronic version, which is the one we are discussing right now, this electric one comes in only one size, and that size is 6.3 quarts. (This is why I mentioned only the 6.3 Qt in the features list.)

What are the main features of the Elite Platinum Series of Electronic Pressure Cookers?

Elite Platinum EPC-1013Well, the Elite Platinum Series of electronic pressure cookers has several models in it. While all of them have some minor differences which makes it all the more important to research carefully before choosing one for your home, there are several things which all of them have in common, which, at the same time, sets the whole series apart from almost all other electronic pressure cookers in the market.

These major similarities are:

  1. All Elite Platinum Pressure cookers are certified to be completely safe. All of them have excellent safety measures. However, if you are looking for THE best models, you might want to consider our Best 2017 Electric Pressrue Cookers List.
  2. The Elite Platinum Pressure cookers are most certainly price friendly, while they may not be cheapest in the market, they surely are priced sensibly judging by their features and quality. However, if you want to go for the cheapest in the market which still assure functionality, you might want to go for the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker or the Tayama Electric Pressure Cooker.

However, there are quite a few models out there which go under the family name of Elite Platinum, let us look at their prime specifications individually:

 1. Elite Platinum EPC-808

  • 13 preset functions.
  • Volume of 8 quarts.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • A wattage of 1000.

2. Elite Platinum EPC-1013

  • 8 functions.
  • A huge volume of 10 quarts, this is one of the rarer size options.
  • Manual cook and timer delay.
  • A wattage of 1400.
  • Made in two layers to ensure safety.
  • 12 hour warming setting.

3. Elite Platinum EPC-813

  • 9 preset functions to choose from.
  • Volume of 8 quarts.
  • Very high safety features.
  • Wattage of 1200.
  • Aluminum body.
  • A function that continues the process going on in case of a brief power failure.

4. Elite Platinum EPC-678

  • 11 preset functions.
  • Volume of 6 quarts.
  • The Slow cook feature is present.
  • Wattage of 1000.

5. Elite Platinum EPC-607

  • 6 preset functions.
  • Volume of 6 quarts.
  • Wattage of 1200.

6. Elite Platinum EPC-414

  • 9 preset functions.
  • Volume of 4 quarts.
  • Wattage of 800.

7. Elite Platinum EPC-55

  • 5 preset functions.
  • Volume of 5.5 quarts.
  • Wattage of 1000.

Don’t worry, it is not confusing, we will sort it out for you.

There are just too many models available under the family name of Elite Platinum. In fact, while they are similar in some aspects, they still do cover a pretty versatile range. In fact, without selecting at least a few specific ones, it becomes hard to compare between them and any other electronic pressure cookers. That’s like comparing a family to a person, which does not really seem to be something convenient.

However, there surely are some differences that make the T-fal CY505E stand out from the family that is Elite Platinum. The prime differences that can be deduced are as follows:

  1. The T-fal CY505E has a four layer cooking pot while the Elite platinum series has no model with more than two layers.
  2. The T-fal CY505E has an astonishing 25 in built smart programs; this number is higher than any of the Elite Platinum electronic pressure cookers.
  3. The T-fal CY505E is also a 12-in one pressure cooker, which sets it apart yet again.
  4. The T-fal CY505E does not have a browning feature while the Elite Platinum model has it on several models.

Verdict: What should I go for, then?

Well, this is not at all difficult if only keep in mind what needs you have. Everyone has specific needs that specific pressure cookers can fulfill; in fact, sometimes people look for electronic pressure cookers while all they actually need is a perfectly conventional and traditional stove-based pressure cooker.

Anyway, the main thing that the T-fal CY505E has an advantage in is the number of built in smart programs, if you’re looking for a high number of in built smart programs and are looking at that price range, the EPC-808 provides you with only 13 preset functions. The T-fal CY505E clearly has an advantage over the Elite Platinum here.

Should you be looking for safety, while all of the models are safe, the EPC-813 and the T-fal CY505E are the safest options. Now if we compare their prices we can easily see that the EPC-813 is more expensive and thus the T-fal CY505E is the answer.

However, should you be looking for extremely small or extremely large sizes, the EPC-1013 and the EPC-414 are your respective solutions. You can also check out the 2 quart model of Cosori and the larger models of GoWISE USA electric pressure cookers.

In case of a purely economic opinion, the smaller-volume models of the Elite Platinum are both less costly and less power consuming.

However, at the very end of the day, the Elite Platinum series is a huge series, so as long as you’re not looking for a drastically high number of in built smart programs or the highest safety features while keeping the economic perspective in mind, it seems that probably the Elite Platinum series is the right choice.

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