T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer VS Philips Air Fryers

T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer VS Philips Air Fryers

Ah! Finally! The T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer. This is one of the most criticized models of the Air Fryer industry for just one thing: it lacks a temperature control. Yes, I know how devastating it can be. However, let me ask you, do you?

In today’s article, we’re going to see how the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer looks in comparison to the bestselling Philips. We are going to figure out why each of them is loved and hated and when you might go for which of them. So if you feel interested already, please carry on reading!

I really hope that this article would provide you with something that’s actually going to help you. I know that you want to get the most out of your investment as a customer and that’s why I’m here to help you out with the right choice. Tons of pointless information is pointless. What you want is the right information to make the right decision, right?

What are the main features of the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer?

The T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer is, as I said, one of the most hated. However, that doesn’t mean that all it has are negative points. In fact, it has several positive things that several models don’t have. So, let us take a look at all the main features of the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer. These are as follows:T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry AirFryer

  • This Air Fryer, as I just stated, is one of the most hated. The main reason as to it being one of the most despised is the lack of a single thing. It just doesn’t let you choose the cooking temperature. That’s  all the mistake it committed to deserve this eternal hate.
  • Anyway, this Air Fryer has a capacity of about 2.2 pounds. This is around the Standard capacity for Air Fryers and that means it’s alright from this perspective.
  • Because it doesn’t have any temperature setting, it’s technically just a button that lets you turn it on and off. That means it is one of the simplest devices that were ever made for your kitchen. You might not like it, but it’s got style (once again, points for you if you get the reference).
  • It also alerts you with noise when the cooking is done. This makes you free from the hassle of having to babysit your Air Fryer, saving you both time and energy to do something else in the meanwhile.

And what about the Philips Air Fryers?

The Philips Air Fryer models are really functional models. They are also really versatile and they actually do deserve to be on the top from even the aesthetic point of view. However, that doesn’t mean that those are all the points about an Air Fryer. So, let us take a closer look at the main models of the Philips Air Fryer models:

1. Philips Viva HD9220

Let us first talk about the most different model of the top three bestsellers. This is the only model among them that boasts of aPhilips Viva Airfryer HD9220 manual interface. Obviously, that also makes it the bestselling of all manual Air Fryers. So, let us now take a look at the main features of this model, which are as follows:

  • As I just remarked, the Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer has a manual interface.
  • This makes this Air Fryer slightly harder to use than digital ones but a lot more durable.
  • This Air Fryer has a capacity of about 1.8 pounds.
  • This is the most economic option of the top 3 models in the market (which are the top 3 Philips Air Fryers as well).

2. Philips Viva HD9230

Philips Viva Digital Airfryer HD9230
Next comes the Philips Viva HD9230, the manual counterpart of the HD220. Needless to mention, it’s also part of that top 3 list, making it a really high selling model. The main features, however, of this model might be listed as follows:

  • An interface that is digital in nature.
  • A really easy to use way and a great system of showing the status.
  • Slightly less durable than its manual counterpart.
  • More expensive than its manual counterpart.
  • Same in size (1.8 pounds) as its manual counterpart.

3. Philips Avance XL

And finally, of course, the Philips Avance XL! This is the bestselling Air Fryer out there that tops all the selling lists. The mainPhilips Avance XL Airfryer 9240 features, however, of this most selling model, might be discussed now. These can be summed up as follows:

  • A capacity of 2.65 Pounds.
  • Also a digital interface.
  • Easy to use but less durable to balance it out.
  • Again, equipped with an ON/OFF display system to show the status of the Air Fryer.
  • You can also save one of your own settings in this Air Fryer. This customization is offered to you as an extra preset called the “Smart” preset. And it is indeed smart, for it can learn your favorite settings to be available at the touch of your fingertip from next time.

My opinion of the right one for you based on the differences:

Well, it might be clear to you which one you should go for now. This can mean only one of the following:

  • Either you still haven’t decided, in which case you must keep on reading this remaining bit to check out the suggestions too.
  • You have decided but you just wanna read it, so you’ll read it till the end anyway. Well, thank you!

So, well, as I said, depending on your specific needs, both of them might be right for you.

If you’re looking for something functional or decorative or actually versatile, then Philips is right for you.

But if you’re looking for true simplicity (for example, sometimes it’s really important for old people or people who just don’t like complicated things) and are willing to give up on a bit of functionality for that, the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer might just be for you!

If you want a larger capacity, Philips Avance XL seems to be the right choice here. You might still want to check out the Big Boss 16 Quart Air Fryer if you want something larger.

Finally, both of these models are a close call economically. So for a more economic choice, you gotta go for something like the Bella Electric Air Fryer.

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