My Review of The Secura Electric Pressure Cooker

Review of The Secura Electric Pressure Cooker

At this very moment when I am writing this, in the case of electric pressure cookers, the Secura is a line of products, a series as well as a single product at the same time. That’s the Secura for you.

This is the only electric pressure cooker model that Secura makes, and thus it is known as the Secura Electric Pressure cookers. Among the lesser known pressure cookers such as the Tayama Electric Pressure cooker, the Secura is well known for its durability and long-lasting in its price range, which often offers everything except that very thing. Secura brings physical quality at an economic price.

Let us look at the main features of the Secura

The Secura is one of the lesser known models available and is thus has not been covered too much. However, according to those who had the chance to use it, it is a very reliable model in terms of quality and durability, even if nothing else (of course there’s much more too).Secura Pressure Cooker

The Secura Pressure Cooker is a 6-in-1 Electric Pressure featuring many safety features such as cool touch handles and small inner computers to monitor temperature and time for you to make the cooking simple and safe. Along with this, it features several convenience options such as a delay timer that goes up to 24-hours and an automatic keep-warm function so that cooked food is ready to serve when you are.

The main features of the Secura Electric Pressure Cooker are as follows:

  • The Secura Electric Pressure Cooker has a volume of 6 quarts, the typical volume of pressure cooks which is ideal for a family of three.
  • It is also a 6-in-1 multi-function electric cooker replaces your pressure cooker, slow cooker, food steamer, rice cooker, browning/sauté pan and soup maker.
  • As obvious from the last point, this pressure cooker also has the slow cooker function which makes it a lot more versatile than all the ones which lack that specific function.
  • It has a 18/10 steel body that ensures a rust-free and fingerprint/scratch free look, a couple of points for aesthetic thinking.
  • It also boasts of several safety features and convenience options which are usually not found in entry cookers.
  • It has a digital display systems that lets you keep track of the cooking progress with ease and convenience.

The main limitations of the Secura Electric Pressure Cooker

The Secura Electric pressure cooker gives you a lot of functionality as well as safety options at a decently economic price. However, there are some limitations to every model and this model is no exception to that. The main limitations of this model may be listed as:

  • Although it is similar in some ways to more expensive cookers, this cooker lacks very many preset options.
  • The Secure Electric Pressure Cooker can not cook yogurt (for which the Instant Pot is famous) and it does not have the Flavor Infusion Technology (for which the Power Pressure Cooker XL is famous)
  • Finally, although there are a few reviews out there that claim this to be such a model which offers great quality at an affordable price, this can not be entirely verified because of the simple fact that this model is not well known. A lot of reviews for this model mean almost no reviews for brands such as Instant Pot or Breville.
  • Although still economically suggestible, this model isn’t exactly as cheap as the other economic options such as the Fagor and Cuisinart.

It can be safely said at this junction that the pros and cons of this model are pretty much outweigh each other on this model. While this model isn’t exactly the best one out there, it’s also not bad. It’s a pretty balanced model for a pretty balanced price range.

Technical Details of the Secura Electric Pressure Cooker

The main technical specifications of the Secura Electric Pressure cooker may be listed as follows:

  • Only for use with North American Electrical Standards. 120V 60Hz AC.
  • 18/10 Steel Body.
  • A dimension of 13.5 X 12 X 13 inches.
  • A wattage of 1000.
  • Package includes: Secura pressure cooker with stainless steel cooking pot, measuring cup, rice spoon, user’s manual and recipe book.
  • Optional accessories: stainless steel steam basket and steam rack, non-stick cooking pot.

So, is the Secura Electric Pressure cooker worth it?

As I remarked earlier, this is a pretty balanced model. It has almost the same number of positive and negative points and all of them have an almost equal value, if you are really looking at the price range of this model, it would appear that you could have a lot of models with a similar or even lower price range with far better choices.

I will not say no to this model in its entirety, it is not a bad model, it is fine for new users, but frankly there are a lot of better models available out there that are worth a try more than this one

But at the end of the day, it is the customer’s choice and you’re obviously free to choose this one as well if you feel like it.

A Few Competing Products

This model, if we look at it from a neutral perspective, has a whole lot of rivals, all of the features that it provides are provided by several models on both upper and lower sides (in several cases they provide more as well), so instead of a case specific study for this model, we can directly point out the most prominent competitors of this model:

  1. The Instant Pot Series is a competitor to this model from several aspects dependent on the specific model of instant pot that you choose.
  2. The same can be said about the Power Pressure cooker series.
  3. Among even cheaper products, the Tayama Electric Pressure Cooker and the Cuisinart CPC-600 are also competitors to this product.



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