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Presto Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

Finding the right type of cooker for your kitchen can be tough.

And when it comes down to the material it is made out of, it can be especially tough to know the benefits of each.

Presto aluminium pressure cooker alongside presto stainless steel pressure cooker

Most of us aren't concerned with metals and such, so when it comes down to it, we don't really know the difference.

This article will be comparing Presto Aluminum Pressure Cookers to Presto Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers. We will be looking at some of the benefits of each of them as well as going into detail about how Presto's Aluminum pressure cookers are different from their Stainless Steel cookers.

Hopefully, this article will give you a bit more insight into the differences between aluminum pressure cooker as well as Stainless Steel pressure cookers, helping you make a more informed purchase in the future.

With that all out of the way let's take a look at the differences between these two types of cookers.

How Are The Aluminum And The Stainless Steel Different?

This can be a bit of a difficult thing to address. Some people prefer Aluminium while some people prefer to use Stainless Steel.

Truthfully both are great and each has some advantages over the other;

  1. Aluminum is much lighter than stainless steel and therefore much easier to move about when it is full.
  2. The Stainless steel is a much tougher material, so while it is heavy, it is much sturdier than Aluminum.
  3. Stainless steel generally has thicker sheeting allowing for a more even spread of heat.
  4. Stainless Steel is a strong enough material for induction cooking surfaces.
  5. Presto's Aluminum is gauged a bit heavier to allow for trapping pressure in the pot better.

Neither Presto's Aluminum or their Stainless Steel is really a bad choice. Both of them have their own benefits.

However, it is worth noting that the Stainless Steel is a bit more expensive than the Aluminum cookers.

For most people, if you are looking for something that will last you a good while longer, the Stainless Steel is a good way to go. It can survive being left on the burner for long periods and is sturdy enough for more intense cooking methods.

Aluminum has it's own bonuses as well, Let's go into detail about that.

Presto's Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Presto 6-quart Aluminum Pressure CookerPresto is well known for having some high-quality pressure cookers that are very reliable and fast.

Their aluminum pressure cookers are widely popular because they are dishwasher safe, and have an indicator on the handle that keeps the lid locked in place while it pressurized. Not to mention how much lighter the aluminum is compared to Stainless Steel pressure cookers.

Presto's Aluminum pressure cookers come in three sizes;

  • 4-quart
  • 6-quart
  • 8-quart

While all these sizes are great, for most families, the 8-quart cookers are generally the perfect size as they are large enough to feed everyone while still providing convenient storage.

The Presto Aluminum cookers come with a 12-year warranty for guaranteed long-lasting usage.

The Aluminum pressure cookers have cool-touch handles and works on regular and smooth-top ranges. Very convenient for normal household usage.

If you are looking for something cheap that functions wonderfully, you really can't go wrong with these aluminum cookers.

Now let's take a look at the Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers and see just what benefits they offer in particular.

Presto's Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

Presto 6-quart stainless steel Pressure CookerSo Stainless Steel is sort of a standard for most cooking products nowadays, it isn't as heavy or bulky as cast-iron and yet it still provides the convenience and flash of the aluminum products.

Presto's Stainless Steel Pressure cookers, in particular, have been around for a long time.

Stainless Steel pressure cookers last a longer time because the material is much sturdier than the aluminum a lot of products are made with. However, this also means that the stainless steel cookers are much heavier.

This cooker is similar to the Aluminum pressure cooker by presto in that it has the same locking mechanism on the handle. They both function quite similarly but the stainless steel is a lot heavier so there is a reduced chance of the lock failing.

This is not to say it is without fault. These stainless steel cookers can be used on induction stoves, but as such are much more suspectable to cracking.

Stainless Steel such as this presto cooker is typically intended for restaurant kitchens that typically use a furnace area to heat up large amounts of food at one time.

Stainless steel is a wonderful material in that it is old and reliable. This cooker is still really cheap compared to most cookers on the market and if you are looking for an alternative to some of the bigger more expensive names in cooking out there, these will work great.

The stainless steel cookers only come in two sizes, however;

  • 4-quart
  • 6-quart

Although it doesn't come in 8 like the aluminum cooker does, it is still definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something for household use that is not as flimsy as your conventional aluminum cooker.

Now that we have taken a look at both of these cookers, which would be the best fit for you?

Presto's Aluminum Or Presto's Stainless Steel?

Really for your normal household use, the aluminum cooker will do you just fine. they are still sturdy enough to provide a long-term product, yet light enough to be simple to clean and store.

However, if you are looking for something a bit faster or use any sort of induction cooker, I have to recommend the stainless steel cooker. It is sturdy enough to meet your needs and provides a great even cook on even the toughest of foods.

2 thoughts on “Presto Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

  1. This is very weird, both aluminum and stainless 6 qt have different lid sizes.
    I have a 6 qt stainless steel and I bought a replacement ring from eBay, 09901, and it does not fit my 6 qt stainless steel pressure cooker.
    Waste because not enough information, paid to ship in, now I have to pay to send it back.

  2. My mother had a Presto model a611a aluminum cooker for decades. These things are built like tanks and will last virtually forever. You just can't go wrong with a dependable Presto cooker. I'm sure that one of my brothers inherited it when she passed.

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