Power Pressure Cooker XL vs Bella Electric Pressure Cooker

Power Pressure Cooker XL vs Bella Electric Pressure Cooker

This article will be going over two different pressure cookers that aim to provide easy one touch cooking; The Power Pressure Cooker XL and the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker.

Overview of the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker

The Bella Electric Pressure Cooker is produced in only two sizes, 6 quart and 8 quart. It comes with a nonstick removable inner cook pot.

With the Bella electric pressure cooker you can literally cook a meal with a single press of a button. This pressure cooker has 10 presets;

  • sauté
  • brown
  • pressure cook
  • slow cook
  • soup
  • stew
  • meat
  • chicken
  • rice
  • risotto/ steam

With the exception of pressure cook and slow cook, all of the presets have a preset time and temperature that cannot be adjusted. You simply add your ingredients press the preset and let the pressure cooker do the rest.

The Bella electric pressure cooker also has a delay timer and an automatic keep warm function.

With the pressure cook setting, the temperature and pressure are preprogrammed and you simply enter the amount of time you want your meal to cook. This pressure cooker only cooks at high pressure, between 7.97 and 9.42 psi.

For the slow cook setting you select low or high temperature and select your cook time. You cannot select the exact temperature for slow cooking, but the low temperature cooks between 179°F to 203°F and high temperature cooks between 194° F and 210° F.

Pros and Cons of the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker


  1. Cook a meal with a single press of a button.
  2. Simple interface for manually programming because all you have to adjust is time.
  3. You can sauté and brown, eliminating the need for an extra pan for preparing and finishing meals.


  1. There is no setting that is less than five minutes, so some easy quick recipes you may find will not be possible with this pressure cooker.
  2. This pressure cooker cannot be used to make yogurt.
  3. There is no way to manually set time, temperature and pressure; so you won’t be able to prepare precise recipes.
  4. The manual steam release is designed in a way that requires you’re hand to be directly over the steam release port when releasing pressure. This can result in burns if you don’t move your hand immediately after turning the valve.
  5. You cannot adjust the cooking time after the cooker has already pressurized.
  6. Although the manufacture advertise the inner pot as dishwasher safe, the nonstick coating easily peels if washed in the dishwasher.
  7. The manufacturer doesn’t produce or sell any type of steam basket to be used with the steam function of this pressure cooker.
  8. On the manufacture’s official website, they recommend that you do not cook frozen foods in this pressure cooker; so you must defrost foods before cooking.

Is the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker right for you?

Overall the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker is an extremely simple to operate appliance. The one touch presets makes this pressure cooker appealing to those who want to prepare a meal with no fuss.

This pressure cooker would not be the best choice for someone who wants to do some experimenting or exploration when cooking. The ability to program and make adjustments to the cooking parameters is extremely limited with this product.

Along with the cons discussed earlier, customers also report that this pressure cooker frequently has issues with the lid closing securely. If the lid isn’t secured properly you will get an error message and the pressure cooker will not pressurize.

Another issue that bothered customers was that the instruction manual is extremely brief and vague. You won’t find any recommendations for cook times or liquid volumes for even simple recipes.

Although the Bella electric pressure cooker doesn’t have many options for cooking, it is an extremely easy to use product that will get the job done. So if you are looking for the an extremely easy to use appliance and a very reasonable price, than the Bella electric pressure cooker is the way to go.

Overview of the Power Pressure Cooker XL

The Power Pressure Cooker XL comes in three different sizes, 6 quarts, 8 quarts, Power Pressure Cooker XL - 10 quartand 10 quarts. It is meant to replace six common devices;

  1. Slow Cooker
  2. Canner
  3. Soup Maker
  4. Steamer
  5. Cookware
  6. Rice Cooker

It comes with a stainless steel inner cook pot with a nonstick Teflon coating. It has cool touch handles and seven built in safety features. It also has seven one touch cooking presets;

  • canning/ preserving
  • soup/ stew
  • slow cook
  • rice/ risotto
  • beans/ lentils
  • fish/ vegetable steam
  • chicken/ meat

With the power pressure cooker xl, the time may be adjusted on the presets, but the pressure is automatically set, and cannot be changed. For manual programming you can adjust the power anywhere from 1.4 to 11.6 psi.

Pros and Cons of the Power Pressure Cooker XL


  1. The Power Pressure Cooker XL comes in three different sizes.
  2. You can cook a meal with one press of a button using the seven presets.
  3. You can sauté using any preset as long as the lid is not on.
  4. You can cook at both high pressure and low pressure.


  1. Although has a canning and preserving setting, electric pressure cookers shouldn’t be used for pressure canning.
  2. Does not have a setting for yogurt.
  3. The nonstick coating on the cook pot comes off easily, even when only hand washing.
  4. Odors linger in the gasket and pot long after use and cleaning.

Is the Power Pressure Cooker XL right for you?

Overall the Power Pressure Cooker XL is a decent product for the price range. It also has the same one touch functionality of the Bella.

It is priced slightly higher than the Bella, but has a few more features in the form of presets. However, realistically there isn’t much the Power Pressure Cooker XL can do that the Bella can’t do.

The main reason you would want to choose the Power Pressure Cooker XL out of these two options would be if you want for freedom in programming recipes. The option to adjust the presets and change pressure and time, allows you to make certain recipes with more precision.

Also if you need a larger capacity pressure cooker, the Power Pressure Cooker XL is a reasonably priced option with most of the features you would expect in an electric pressure cooker.

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