Power Pressure Cooker Plus vs Elite Platinum

Power Pressure Cooker Plus vs Elite Platinum

This article will be comparing the Power Cooker Plus electric pressure cooker to the Elite Platinum brand.

The Power Cooker Plus is a single product that doesn’t come in different sizes and colors, while Elite Platinum offers many different colors and sizes.

First, I’ll go over the details of the Power Cooker Plus, then I’ll tackle the many options available with Elite Platinum. Finally, I’ll compare the two and go over which of the pressure cookers is best for you.

What does the Power Cooker Plus offer?

The Power Cooker Plus comes in a single size, 8 quarts, and comes in one color, silver.

The functional options advertised by the manufacturer are

  • canning and preservingPower Pressure Cooker Plus
  • soup and stew
  • slow cook
  • rice and risotto
  • beans and lentils
  • fish and vegetable steam
  • chicken and meat

The Power Cooker Plus has a stainless steel body and a Teflon coated nonstick inner pot. It also has a safe lock lid and manual steam release.

This pressure cooker has the standard delay timer and keep warm functions. You can adjust the cook time for the presets by either adding time in 2,4 or 10 minute increments, or you can select the degree you want your food cooked; quick, medium or well.

One other thing that is important to note is related to the canning preset. The canning and preserving option shouldn’t be used. The FDA and NCHFP warns consumers not to use electric pressure cookers for pressure canning, due to the fact that they haven’t been tested for safe food preserving.

Even though you may find material published online or by the manufacturer with canning procedures, there has never been any official testing to verify that the heat and pressure produced and maintained by electric pressure cookers is sufficient for destroying harmful bacteria during the canning process.

What does Elite Platinum Offer?

Elite Platinum offers several options in both size, color and function. The colors and number of functions and presets differ by model.

The features you will find that are common among all of their pressure cookers are a 24-hour or greater, delay timer and automatic keep warm function that will keep your mealElite Platinum EPC-678BR ready for up to 12 hours.

The safety features are also the same in every Elite Platinum pressure cooker. You will find eight different built in safety features. These features include a pressure limited valve, anti-clog protection, and automatic pressure release.

These features and the others all prevent the pressure and temperature from rising above safe levels. If any of the features is not functioning properly the cooker will not pressurize. If one fails during cooking the pressure will be automatically released.

A final feature you’ll find only in the newer pressure cookers is an automatic restart function. If there is a temporary loss in power, say a power outage or maybe a blown fuse in your house, when the power is restored, the pressure cooker will automatically resume cooking.

That is the extent of the similarities between Elite Platinum pressure cookers. There are a total of five pressure cookers manufactured by Elite Platinum;

EPC-414 – 4 quart:

  • The EPC-414 comes wit a non-stick inner pot.
  • It comes in black or red.
  • It has 9 preset functions: keep warm, slow cook, soup and stew, beans and grains, brown and sauté, desserts, steam, meat and chicken, and rice.

EPC- 678 – 6 quart:

  • The EPC- 678 comes with a non-stick inner pot, with an option of stainless steel in the black color.
  • It comes in black and brick red.
  • It has 11 preset functions: vegetables and fish, soup and stew, steam, potatoes, beef and meat, slow cook, white rice, beans and chili, keep warm, brown and sauté, and chicken.

EPC- 808 – 8 quart:

  • The EPC-808 comes with a non-stick inner pot, with an option of stainless steel in the black color.
  • It comes in black, red, orange, purple, blue, turquoise, and white.
  • It has 19 preset functions: reheat, brown rice, white rice, wild rice and grains, vegetables and fish, desserts, potatoes, pork and ribs, chicken, beans, stew, beef, soup, and browning/keep warm.

EPC-813 – 8 quart:

  • The EPC-813 comes with a non-stick inner pot.
  • It comes in black, blue, cinnamon and fuchsia.
  • It has nine preset functions: rice, soup and stew, meat and chicken, slow cook, beans, fish and vegetables, desserts, and browning/keep warm.

EPC-1013 – 10 quart:

  • The EPC-1013 comes with a non-stick inner pot.
  • It comes in black or turquoise.
  • It has 8 preset functions: rice, potatoes and yams, meat and chicken, pork, fish and vegetables, beans and grains, soup and stew, and desserts.

Which pressure cooker is better?

When it comes to functionality, Elite Platinum wins the competition, hands down. Even if you include the canning function, the EPC-1013, which has the fewest presets, still has more options than the Power Cooker Plus.

When you consider the most functional Elite Platinum cooker, the EPC-808, you’ll get over double the number of preset functions.

When it comes to aesthetics, Elite Platinum wins that category as well.

The aim of the Power Cooker Plus was to provide one touch pressure cooking. However, this somewhat backfired because they did not make it easy to make adjustments to the preset functions. So if your aim was to be creative in cooking you won’t be able to do this with the Power Pressure Cooker Plus.

Which pressure cooker should you choose?

Unless your main goal was to find a pressure cooker that is as simple as possible and you have no need to make many customizations, then you would be best skipping the Power Pressure Cooker Plus. Even if this is your aim, you would be better off going with the Power Pressure Cooker XL. You can find out how the Power Pressure Cooker Plus stacks up against the Power Pressure Cooker XL here.

The Elite Platinum pressure cookers are a great choice if your main concern is having a well built and safe product. You will also be able to find a color option that best suits your tastes.

The EPC-808 is the most versatile of the Elite Platinum cookers. However if you need a smaller size or larger size your options in color and number of presets will be considerably less than with the EPC-808.

One thing to consider is that the none of the pressure cookers discussed in this article have the yogurt making function. If this is a deal breaker for you, there are many other pressure cookers that make yogurt, with comparable features to Elite Platinum.


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