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Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer Review

Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer Review

The Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer is another great model from Hamilton. Hamilton is a really great line of products, as you must already be aware if you have read my review on the Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer. But you must be wondering what this product is all actually about.

Well, fret not, because Corrie Cooks is here for you! In today’s article, we are going to check out all the features that this model offers. We are also going to check out what could have been better and if it’s truly worth it at the end of the day. Finally, we might also check out some other models that you might go for! So, what are you waiting for?

What are the main features of the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer?

The Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer, as I stated earlier, is a great model. It’s one of the model you actually must consider if you’re checking out Deep Fryers. So, in light of this, it becomes really important to check out what this model actually offers. So, we must now check out the main features of this model.

The main features that the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer offers are as follows:

Hamilton Beach 35033
  • The Hamilton Beach is a pretty reputed company when it comes too Deep Fryers. Unlike some other companies that make all sorts of products, this company is mostly known for its Deep Fryers. However, that makes it even more clear as to how great it is when it comes to that.
  • Next comes the capacity of this model. This model has an Oil-capacity of about 12 cups. This is a pretty large capacity and you can cook for your family easily with this model.
  • Again, it has a food-capacity of about 8 cups. Just like I said right now, it’s a fairly large capacity that you can use to properly cook just enough stuff for feeding your whole family.
  • What makes this model great again is the fact that you can adjust the desired temperature in this model. The Presto 05420 FryDaddy, in comparison, doesn’t provide you with this. This function lets you select the right temperature for ideally cooking the dish of your choice. This makes your device more versatile and suitable for all dishes instead of limiting it to a few.
  • But that isn’t all that there is to it. You can actually cook pretty fast with this model because it provides you with an immersed heating element. This makes the whole cooking process a lot faster!
  • The Hamilton Beach 350033 Deep Fryer is also a really great model from an economic perspective. This model isn’t pointlessly expensive and it doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of being affordable. It’s affordable but it maintains quality, this is the ideal model for people who value their money.

What are the limitations of the Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer?

The Hamilton Beach 35033, at this point, might seem like the Deep Fryer of your dreams. However, that’s not all that there is to it.  What is even more special about this model is that it has only a few limitations that make people turn away from it. Let us check out what these few major things are that you might have to put up with if you choose to go for this model:

  • The most important drawback for this model is that the temperature on the model isn’t the actual temperature for the oil. You might place it on 350 degrees, for example, and actually get your oil heated up to something around 300 degrees. This is really disheartening because not being able to heat it up to that specific point might make not let you properly prepare your dish.

Funny thing is, there aren’t almost any other complains about this product. This makes it one of the products with the highest customer satisfaction levels. This makes this product an even better choice that you must seriously consider going for.

Should I go for this model?

You must be wondering at this point if this model is then worth going for. For several models, I actually feel pretty confused if it’s worth going for. It appears that they have an equal number of positive and negative aspects which makes it hard to choose.

But with this model, you’re free form all sorts of confusion. This is one of those no-confusion kinds of models that puts everything straight. I would say that this model is worth much more than it’s priced at.

Yes, I agree that it might not be one of those fancy models out there that you can brag of. However, you must also understand that it’s providing you with a pretty similar level of functionality at the same price range, making it worth it.

If you can actually mentally get adjusted to the temperature setting or just use your own marking through a bit of experimentation, I guess this model becomes one of the most affordable functional models in the whole Deep Fryer market.

What are the main competing models?

This model is one of the best models according to me. This helps you narrow down the list of its competing models. However, for this specific model, the number of competing models are even fewer. So, you must be extra cautions to get the right one for you.

Please keep in mind that the right model for you isn’t importantly the best one in the market. The right model for you is the one that serves all of your specific needs at the most affordable price.

So, the main models competing with this model are as follows:

  1. The Presto 05420 FryDaddy
  2. The Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer
  3. The T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

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