10 Foods People Hated as Children but Grew To Love as Adults

AUTHOR: Chris Phelan

Do you remember those dreaded childhood meals where you were forced to face your culinary nemesis? The foods that made you cringe and question your parents' love for you?

Well, brace yourself for a trip down memory lane, because we're about to explore 10 dishes that once haunted our childhoods but have now become beloved favorites in our adult lives.

1. Breakfast Biscuits

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Our hearts go out to this person's mother, who unknowingly put her children through some callous times with her cooking. "My mom made them for us before school, and my brother and I called them 'death biscuits' because we hated them," one person revealed.

"Now I look back and feel bad cuz my mom put all that effort into making them, and now I find them delicious." We're glad he changed his tune for his mom's sake.

2. Spinach

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We're glad we're not the only ones who hated spinach when we were younger. One recent convert revealed a good reason why she disliked spinach in the past, though. "I was only exposed to canned spinach as a kid," she admitted.

"Now I eat it in omelets, salads, pasta, on sandwiches. Never canned, always fresh." Many people agreed with her sentiment, and one particularly witty person couldn't resist making an obvious joke. "Your father, Popeye, was a childhood hero of mine."

3. Brussels Sprouts

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Brussels sprouts are another food that seemed disgusting as a child, and it constantly appeared throughout the discussion of things people hated in the past.

One person had a recent epiphany surrounding the veggies, however. It turns out that they are delicious if you sauté (or bake) and season them. "My family boiled or steamed them and, I'm sorry, I don't eat farts." Not surprisingly, his funny comment yielded plenty of positive feedback.

4. Fruit

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We hate to find out that this particular person didn't have access to fresh fruit as a child. As a result, his entire connection to fruit was based on canned versions of our favorites. "We had only canned fruits growing up," he said.

Don't worry. This story had a happy ending. "The first time I had a fresh, ripe peach, I almost wept," he happily revealed.

5. Steak

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Shockingly, more than one person declared that steak was a food they didn't enjoy as a child. One person, in particular, takes us back in time: "My father used to buy steak and act like it was a big deal, but they were the toughest, grisliest steaks I can remember." We must admit that constantly being subjected to tough cuts of steak would also turn us off to steaks.

6. Broccoli

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Green vegetables dominated the discourse over hated childhood foods, and broccoli was one of the most-mentioned veggies.

"I hated it as a kid," one woman plainly stated. "Then one day in my mid-30s, I was in the vegetable area of the grocery store and could smell the heads of broccoli... and my brain was like, 'That's going to be delicious!' and it was. So I eat it all the time now."

7. Onions

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Were you a child who hated onions on their burger? You're not alone. "I hated onions as a kid. I especially remember always asking to take them off my burgers," one man said. "Now I love it. That's the only thing that changed that comes to mind."

We found ourselves nodding to this person's memory because we did the same thing with our burgers as a child. Fortunately, along with this man, we realized onions are pretty delicious and deserve to be a part of any burger-topping conversation.

8. Ranch Dressing

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Like many dressings and sauces, ranch dressing is a pretty polarizing condiment whether you're young or old. Nevertheless, multiple people admitted to growing to like it once they became older.

"Sometime around my senior year in high school, a friend convinced me to try it on my buffalo wings, and WOW...I didn't know what I was missing," one person confessed. "I still pretty much reserve using ranch for wings or chick sandwiches, but I can't imagine not using it when I eat buffalo stuff."

9. Beets

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There's a reason why beets are often used in some of the best dishes at the finest restaurants in your town - they're versatile and delicious! But, of course, no self-respecting kid is privy to this information. "I saw them in cans and weird salads at the cafeteria as a kid. Now they fascinate me," one person confessed. "They're a favorite for me now."

10. Green Olives

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We've always been perplexed by the lack of respect green olives get among adults - especially when compared to black olives. From a kid's point of view, however, it's not surprising that they are hated!

"I have always loved black olives but thought green ones were gross," one woman revealed. "I now love a nice bowl of salty olives with cheese and gin. It is my favorite indulgence." Olives, cheese, and gin? This woman is on to something!

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