Fagor Premium Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Fagor Premium Electric Pressure Cooker Review

In today’s article, Corrie Cooks brings to you the less discussed side of the Fagor product range, the Fagor Premium!

When someone mentions Fagor, a bright colored pressure cooker’s picture pops up in our mind, that is the Fagor LUX, but Fagor launched two series, one based on that brightness and another based on a high level of functionality, the more functional step-brother of the Fagor LUX is the Fagor Premium (click here for their differences in full).

In today’s article we are going to have a detailed look at all the positive and negative aspects of the Fagor Premium and we are going to check out where it stands in comparison to the Fagor LUX as well as other electronic pressure cookers presently available in the market.

The Main Features of the Fagor Premium.

The Fagor Premium, as already stated, is one of the most functional electric pressure cooker series by Fagor as well as one of the most functional ones available in the electric pressure cooker market. In fact, it’s such an amazing product that several people have gone as far as to comparing it with the classic pressure cookers that symbolize functionality such as the Breville Fast Slow Pro.Fagor Premium Pressure Cooker

First of all, we must keep in mind that Fagor Premium is a series that has two pressure cooker models in it. These two have been divided on the basis of volume and they are the same except when it comes to the volume and thus the wattage. These two models are:

1. Fagor 670041930 Premium Electric Pressure Cooker. This pressure cooker has a volume and wattage of 6 Quarts and 800 watts respectively.

2. Fagor 670041970 Premium Electric Pressure Cooker. This pressure cooker has a volume and wattage of 8 quarts and 1000 watts respectively.

Anyways, the main features of the Fagor Premium series of Electric Pressure Cookers might be summed up in the following words:

  • Because of their functional superiority, the Fagor Premium pressure cookers have also been equipped with a state-of-the-art display and control system. It makes it really easy to do the cooking and that is a big plus for this pressure cooker model.
  • The Fagor Premium also has a total of 5 preset options, in comparison to 3 in the Fagor LUX which makes it without doubt much more versatile and functional in comparison to the Fagor LUX. You can cook more kinds of food with the help of the Fagor Premium than with other Fagot series.
  • The Fagor Premium  also has a pressure cooking time programmable up to 99 minutes as well as a  time delay setting up to 6 hours.
  • The Fagor Premium has two pressure settings. At the high pressure it cooks at 8 psi while it cooks at 3 psi at the low pressure setting.
  • The Fagor Premium is also a really economic product. It is thus preferred from the functional and economic perspective at the same time, a really rare combination for a really unique product.

Some limitations of the Fagor Premium

The Fagor Premium might seem to be a really great pressure cooker at this point, and it is a really great pressure cooker, but that does not mean that it does not have its own fair share of limitations that makes some customers shift to other models from this junction.

It becomes indispensable that you consider these limitations as well before deciding on a particular model. The limitations of the Fagor Premium may be summed up in the following words:

  • The Fagor Premium, unlike the Fagor LUX, does not come in several colors, it comes in only the default silver color.
  • The Fagor Premium comes in only 6 and 8 quart models, that makes its versatility in terms of volume range low.
  • The Fagor Premium can not provide you with any special feature such as the Yogurt Maker of the Instant Pot or the Flavor Infusion technology of the Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Technical Specifications of the Fagor Premium

The technical specifications of the Fagor premium are as follows:

  • A volume of 6 or 8 quarts depending on your model.
  • A body made of stainless steel is what the Fagor Premium offers you.
  • The Fagor Premium, based on the specific model you choose, has a wattage of either 800 or 1000.

So, is the Fagor Premium worth it?

Fagor is one of the brands that everyone keeps in mind when buying an electric pressure cooker. However ,what people usually think of is the Fagor LUX. The Fagor Premium, on the other hand is a functionally superior product that Fagor offers you at a price even lower than that of the Fagor LUX.

So, if you are looking for functionality and can forgo the aesthetic pleasure that you might expect from Fagor LUX, then this seems like one of those models you might wish to try out.

P.S. It must be kept in mind that it can not provide you with any special features and that’s also a drawback, if you want that, you must look at other models.

Finally, some competing products:

The Fagor Premium is one of those products where competition is different from different perspectives. But this product offers the strongest points in Functionality and Economic viability and so we should look at its competitors from those two perspectives.

From a functional perspective, the Fagor Premium has competitors such as the Instant Pot, the Cosori (click here for the differences between the Cosori and the Fagor Premium), the Cuisinart CPC-600, the Tayama and so on.

From an economic standpoint, the main competitors of the Fagor Premium are Fagor LUX, and again the Cosori, Cuisinart (click here for the differences between the Cosori and the Cuisinart CPC-600), Tayama, Bella and even specific models of the Instant Pot.



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