My Review of The New Fagor LUX LCD 360

The Fagor is famous for several reasons. Fagor provides you the perfect combination of making beautiful appliances while charging very reasonable rates to bring those appliances home. Just as beautiful as their electric pressure cooker models are, be it in terms of color, design or anything, their prices are also just as attractive.

Well, get ready to jump out of your seats because this time Fagor is going to be back in May 2017 with a new model (Update – it’s been released!) , the Fagor LUX LCD 360, where they are going to add to their list of excellent features two more things, namely: Functionality and efficiency.

They were already really high on those, but this just makes this one of those ideal models which must be mentioned whenever talking about Electronic Pressure Cookers.

So, What are the main features of the Fagor LUX LCD 360?

Well, the Fagor LUX 360 (AKA LUX LCD) is one of those pressure cookers where not much information is available yet. So, it is really hard to go looking for right information online because there are often several rumors as well.

This is exactly why I bring to you the perfect review for the upcoming model of Fagor LUX 360 which is available in 4-quarts, 6-quarts, and 8-quart sizes.

The main specifications that this model is going to boast of are as follows:

    1. This time Fagor has improved much on the interface, this new model boasts of an enhanced digital interface features an LCD screen with easy navigation controls to easily adjust time, temperature and pressure.
    2. It provides you with 10 primary cooking functions, ranging from Pressure cook (low and high), slow cook (low and high), yogurt maker, simmer, brown, grains, steam, sauté, dessert and egg.
      • It also offers you to choose from a (basically) list of 33 additional preset recipes that make it easy to prepare your favorite meals


  • Once cooking time is completed, unit automatically switches to Keep Warm setting for up to 12 hours
  • It is also claimed that, in case of this model, “Rice functions are also great for cous cous or heritage grains such as quinoa and amaranth”.
  • There is a slow cooking feature as well, that is the best option for foods that have to be cooked slowly over a long time.
  • This model also offers you the famous Yogurt maker, which is a rare thing outside the Instant Pot line of products.
  • Sauté function allows you to soften and tenderize foods in a small amount of fat prior to cooking.
  • Simmer setting allows you to simmer foods at 200°F— which is the ideal temperature for the final stages of cooking.
  • This models also boasts of a special steam function, that cooks food without butter and oil and still does not use up too much time, pressure, or electricity. One of the best ways of cooking seafood as well as poultry.
  • Egg function can be adjusted to make perfect soft boiled and hard boiled eggs as well as omelets.
  • Browning function allows you to sear foods over high heat with the lid open before pressure cooking or slow cooking.


Some disadvantages of the Fagor LUX 360

Fagor LUX 360This is one of those models where pointing out any flaws seems to be an absolute challenge. Basically, frankly speaking, until this model arrives in the marketplace come May 2017, we can not really say if it really has any major drawbacks or not (or what they are, if it has any) although it looks like the Instant Pot Ultra will have a few features that this model will lack such as sanitize mode and the ability to cook sous vide.

Till now, it has been hard enough to find out the main features that it provides, and it looks like everything has been more or less covered, now as long as you’re not looking for special features of specific brands such as the “Flavor Infusion Technology” of Power Pressure Cooker XL, this seems to be a moderately flawless model.

However, there is one thing that we might consider to be a minute drawback of this model. It has a moderately high level of electricity consumption. It has a 1300 watt power consumption, which is pretty high for its size level, which is about 8 quarts.

The technical specifications of the Fagor LUX LCD

The prime technical features of the Fagor LUX 360 are as follows:

  • It belongs to the Fagor line of products.
  • It has a stainless steel body, that assures the body quality.
  • It has a volume of 8 quarts, which is moderately high.
  • The model weights about 19 lbs.
  • The Fagor LUX LCD 360 has a dimension of about 13.5″ x 15.54″.
  • Finally, The Fagor LUX 360 has a wattage of 1300.

More info can be found on this press release:

How does it stand in comparison to competing products

Honestly speaking, based on the amount of versatility it appears to be offering, there are very few products that can even attempt to compete with this upcoming Fagor LUX 360 LCD.

However, let us look at the few products that we might compare it with, so the main products that we can compare it with are just as follows:

  • The Breville Fast Slow Pro:  The Breville Fast Slow Pro is the high end slow pressure cooker model that is one of the leading in the industry. This pressure cooker is also known for its versatility and this would be one of the good competitors for this product.
  • The Instant Pot Ultra: The upcoming Instant Pot Ultra or the Instant Pot Plus60 also claims to be almost flawless like this one, we can also suggest that one if you are considering the Fagor LUX 360.

These two are the main products that one might look upon as competitors to this product. However, all of them are fairly distinct and if you look carefully with your needs in mind, you will surely be able to find the best one for yourself.

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