Elite Platinum Vs Fagor LUX

Elite Platinum Vs Fagor LUX

This article will be all about variety. I’ll be reviewing the Elite Platinum Brand, which offers several different sized pressure cookers that come in a variety of color options. I’ll be comparing these to the less variant Fagor LUX series of pressure of pressure cookers.

While Elite Platinum clearly has more of a selection when it comes to size and aesthetics, the Fagor LUX still will give you a few different options to consider.

The Elite Platinum brand is arguably one of the most diverse brands when it comes to size, color and features. While many manufactures of pressure cookers offer closely related variants of the same product, Elite Platinum pressure cookers are very different. No two Elite Platinum pressure cookers will have the same color options and features.

To make this easier for you to see the differences, I’ll list the available options by model number, and list the primary features that you’ll find differences. I’ll follow up with a description of the basic features they all have in common.

What does Elite Platinum offer?

Elite Platinum EPC-678BRElite Platinum offers five distinct models of pressure cookers with varying color options, sizes and presets:


Elite Platinum EPC-55

  • 5 preset functions.
  • odd volume at 5.5 quarts rather than an even 5.
  • 1000 wattage cooker.


  • 4-quart non-stick inner pot.
  • Comes in black or red.
  • 9 preset functions: keep warm; slow cook; soup & stew; beans & grains; brown/saute; desserts; steam; meat & chicken; and rice

EPC 678

  • 6-quart non-stick inner pot, with stainless-steel option in the black color.
  • Comes in black and brick red.
  • 11 preset functions: Vegetables/Fish, Soup/Stew, Steam, Potatoes, Beef/Meat, Slow Cook, White Rice, Chicken, Keep Warm, Brown/Saute, Beans/Chili.
  • Up to 99 minutes of cooking time.


  • 8-quart non-stick inner pot, with a stainless-steel option in the black color.
  • Comes in black, red, orange, purple, blue, turquoise, and white.
  • 19 preset functions: Reheat, Brown Rice, White Rice, Wild Rice & Grains, Vegetables & Fish, Desserts, Potatoes, Pork & Ribs, Chicken, Beans, Stew, Beef, Soup, and Browning/Keep Warm.
  • Up to 99 minutes of cooking time.


  • 8-quart non-stick inner pot.
  • Comes in black, blue, cinnamon, and fuchsia.
  • 9 preset functions: Rice, Soup/Stew, Meat & Chicken, Slow Cook, Beans, Fish/Vegetables, Desserts and Browning/Keep Warm.
  • Up to 60 minutes of cooking time.


  • 10-quart non-stick inner pot.
  • Comes in black or turquoise.
  • 8 preset functions: rice, potatoes & yams, meat & chicken, pork, fish & vegetables, beans & grains, soup & stews and desserts.
  • Up to 90 minutes of pressure cooking time.

You’ll find the most variation between these pressure cookers are in the colors available and the number of preset functions. Now that you’ve seen the differences amongst the Elite Platinum pressure cookers, let’s take a look at some features they have in common.

They all have a time delay function that allows you to start meals later in the day. All have a 24-hour delay timer, with the exception of the EPC-808. The EPC-808 has a 29-hour delay timer. They all also have an automatic keep warm function, that will keep meals ready to eat for up to 12 hours.

The safety features of Elite Platinum are the same in every model. Each pot has 8 different built in safety features. All eight features must be working properly for the pressure cooker to function. If any one of them isn’t, the pot will either not pressurize, or it will release pressure if a feature malfunction during cooking.

Elite Platinum added one unique feature to each of its pressure cookers, an automatic restart function. If there is a temporary power loss during cooking, when power is restored the pressure cooker will automatically resume cooking.

Overview of the Fagor Lux

Fagor LUX Multi-CookerFagor LUX clearly has fewer options to choose from than Elite Platinum, and their pressure cookers are more alike:

Fagor 670042050 LUX

  • 4-quart non-stick inner pot
  • Comes in champagne and silver

Fagor 670041880 LUX

  • 6-quart non-stick inner pot
  • Comes in silver, champagne, and copper

Fagor 670041960 LUX

  • 8-quart non-stick inner pot
  • Comes in silver, champagne, and copper

Although the colors and sizes are different the features are all the same.

Pressure cookers from the Fagor LUX series have presets for white rice, brown rice, and risotto. They also have settings for brown, simmer, sauté, steam, and yogurt.

Each of these pressure cookers can slow cook up to 10 hours and pressure cook up to 99 minutes. The Fagor LUX also has an automatic keep warm function for up to 12 hours and a time delay option for up to 6 hours.

All Fagor LUX pressure cookers come with a ceramic inner pot that is dishwasher safe and PFOA free. They also have the safety feature of an automatic pressure release to prevent burns that may occur if you were to manually release hot steam.

Which pressure cooker is right for you?

Now that you have all the important details, it’s time to make a decision. More options often make for a harder decision.

One simple way to eliminate some of the options is the simple question of whether you want to use your pressure cooker to make yogurt. The Fagor LUX models have the option of making yogurt while the Eiite Platinum models do not.

If the ability to make yogurt is a must for you, go with the Fagor LUX model, and you’ll simply have to choose the size you need and color you find most appealing.

If being able to make yogurt is not a priority for you, then definitely go with one of the Elite Platinum pressure cookers. You will find the number of options astonishing, especially for this price point.

If you don’t have a size preference then the EPC-808 would be an excellent choice. Out of all of the Elite Platinum pressure cookers this one offers the most preset functions, at 19. The EPC-808 also has one of the longest available cooking times out of the Elite Platinum pressure cookers, at 99 minutes.

With the seven color options, you will also be able to find a unique looking piece to compliment your kitchen.

The bottom line is if making yogurt is a must, then get one of the Fagor LUX pressure cookers. If you want a pressure cooker that emphasizes safety, while providing one of the most extensive offerings of preset cooking options go with an Elite Platinum EPC-808.

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