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Elite Platinum EPC-808 vs EPC-813 - Which one is better?

Black and orange elite platinum pressure cookers

Well readers, this is one of those comparisons where a lot of research has to be conducted.

Black and orange elite platinum pressure cookers

Frankly, these two models of electronic pressure cookers are very similar and both of them are really efficient. Comparisons between two models of the same line of product like this article or like the very article you're reading now might seem to be a bit complicated. But this because the comparisons between two lines of products such as the Instant Pot and the Power Pressure Cooker XL are brief in comparison to these.

However, the EPC-813 is ever-so-slightly more expensive than the EPC-808.

However, since price isn't the only deciding factor for everyone, we must examine their prime features and check out the differences first. Hopefully, by the end of the article you shall be able to choose the right one which shall be fit to serve all your cooking needs.

What are the main features of the Elite Platinum EPC-808?

The Elite Platinum EPC-808 offers several features to the buyer:

  1. It has 13 preset functions for you to choose from.
  2. It gives you the choice between a non-stick and a stainless steel inner pot material.
  3. It has a volume of 8 quarts.
  4. It has a wattage of 1000.
  5. It has several in built safety features such as Pressure Limited Valve Protection, Floater Protection, Lid-Lock Protection, Anti-Clog Protection, Pressure Control, Self-Release Device, Temperature Sensor and Fuse Protection.
  6. It has a programmable cook clock time that can be set from 0 to 99 minutes.
  7. It also has a special browning feature.

What are the main features of the Elite Platinum EPC-813?

The prime features of the Elite Platinum EPC-813 are:

  1. The Elite Platinum EPC-813 offers 9 preset functions for you to select from.
  2. It has a volume of 8 quarts.
  3. The Elite Platinum EPC-813 is one of those pressure cookers in which safety has been made the first priority. It has 10 safety features which, when put together completely ensure the safety of the person who is operating it and is cooking their food.  In fact, it is ETL certified and rightfully boasts being one of the safest electronic pressure cookers available out there. (Please keep in mind that just like in case of the Power Pressure Cooker XL, this does NOT make canning a safe process for this pressure cooker. Please use a proper caner for that purpose without putting yourself or your loved ones at risk)
  4. The Elite Platinum EPC-813 has a wattage of about 1200.
  5. It has a removable inner pot that is made with non-stick material.
  6. In case of a power failure, the EPC-813 continues to cook your meal once the electricity is back. This prevents a minor power outrage from destroying the preparation and processing of your meal.
  7. According the company, this model is one of the relatively few models in the Elite Platinum series that have an aluminum body instead of stainless steel, this actually makes it much different from other pressure cooker models in terms of safety and outside head conduction (despite the fact that most electronic pressure cookers are made in two layers).
  8. Available in Black, blue, orange, red and white

The key differences that set these two models apart:

These two models, besides having really close features, also have very similar looks. What happens because of that is that buyers such as us get even more confused as to which one we should choose, because we can't even judge the book by the cover anymore!

However, there are quite a few differences that surely do set them apart. Here are the key differences that would help you choose the one that best fits your needs:

  1. The Elite Platinum EPC-813 offers you 9 functions while the Elite Platinum EPC-808 can boast of 19 functions when it comes to preset cooking features. However, you might want to take a look at the Fagor Premium series for even more functions in this price range.
  2. Both of them are really safe electronic pressure cookers. However, the EPC-813 has been equipped with a few more safety features in comparison. For people who are really concerned about safety, this is a point.
  3. There is a difference in their power consumption as well. While the Elite Platinum EPC-808 has a wattage of 1000 the EPC-813 has a wattage of 1200, which is 200 watts more than the prior.
  4. The EPC-813 has a special feature which is mention-worthy. It can stand up against brief moments of power outrage. That is a very important point when it comes to discussing electrical appliances, especially when it has to run continuously to provide you with the right results. The EPC-813 continues your cooking once the power is back and prepares your meal properly while the EPC-808 would stop. (Please keep in mind that while it is a special feature, it is not a special function like the Yogurt Maker or the Flavor Infusion Technology of the Instant Pot  and the Power Pressure Cooker XL (click here for the differences between them).
  5. The Elite Platinum EPC-813 is also slightly more expensive than the EPC-808.

Finally, which one should be chosen over the other?

While these two models appear to be so similar in the first place, we can easily notice that they have quite a few differences that put them more than just a bit apart. This makes it all the easier for you to choose the right one keeping your needs in mind when it comes to choosing.

  • The Elite Platinum EPC-808 offers you with 19 preset cooking modes while the EPC-813 only offers you with 9. It is clearly visible that that if you are looking for functionality, the EPC-808 is the answer.
  • The Elite Platinum EPC-813 offers you with the special function of continuing even after a brief power cut. This is a very valuable asset  if you live in a place like I do where the power cuts are frequent but only for a duration of a few minutes. This problem can be easily overcome by the EPC-813 while the EPC-808 would stop every time. Here, the EPC-813 is the probable choice.
  • In terms of safety, both of them are super safe. However, the EPC-813 boasts of a few extra safety features over the EPC-808. If you're looking for the safest gadgets out there, the EPC-813 seems to be the right choice.
  • From a financial perspective, the EPC-813 costs slightly more than the EPC-808. The Elite Platinum EPC-813 also has a wattage of 200 more than the EPC-808. Thus, from an entirely economic perspective, the EPC-808 has the advantage over the Elite Platinum EPC-813.

However, when choosing the right electronic pressure cooker model, it becomes really important to take care of the fact that all your needs are taken care of. You must keep in mind all your needs and finally choose the model that best meets up with them.

2 thoughts on “Elite Platinum EPC-808 vs EPC-813 - Which one is better?

  1. I have the elite Model EPS-813 Model 8 qt digital pressure cooker. I noticed the float valve is missing from the cover. Where can I get a replacement float valve???

    1. You could try searching the model online, they are sometimes available through Amazon or other retailers. If not, you could also try contacting the manufacturer directly.

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