Elite Platinum EPC-808 vs EPC-1013: What are the Differences Anyway?

Elite Platinum EPC-808 vs EPC-1013

I face the greatest choices of my life when choosing one regular use product above another. Honestly, who doesn’t? It is as if every single detail has to be kept in mind. When it comes to choosing something as regular as a pressure cooker, it becomes even more complicated because it is of all the more use.

Once you get started on searching online, you’ll come across several pressure cooker models which tend to be too similar. In fact, they appear to be so similar that it becomes hard to distinguish between them and that makes it all the harder for us to choose one above the other.

In some cases, there are two  electric pressure cooker models from the same line of products that are so similar that it leaves you wondering which one you should pick over the other, often ending with no specific choice but just a vague idea of never pondering upon this question again. This is one of those cases with two models from the Elite Platinum line of products.

Today, we’re going to look at two such pressure cooker models and we will try to figure out which one should be preferred over the other and when. These two models are: The Elite Platinum EPC-808 and the Elite Platinum EPC-1013. We shall begin by looking at the features they offer individually and then we shall compare their differences (which do exist, although they appear to be the same at the first glance.) Hopefully, by the end of the article, you will be able to figure out which pressure cooker is the most suitable for your requirement.

What are the main features of the Elite Platinum EPC-808?

Elite Platinum EPC-808The main features offered by the Elite Platinum EPC-808 are as follows:

  1. It has 13 preset functions for you to choose from.
  2. It gives you the choice between a non-stick and a stainless steel inner pot material.
  3. It has a volume of 8 quarts.
  4. It has a wattage of 1000.
  5. It has several in built safety features such as Pressure Limited Valve Protection, Floater Protection, Lid-Lock Protection, Anti-Clog Protection, Pressure Control, Self-Release Device, Temperature Sensor and Fuse Protection.
  6. It has a programmable cook clock time that can be set from 0 to 99 minutes.
  7. It also has a special browning feature.

What are the main features of the Elite Platinum EPC-1013?

Elite Platinum EPC-1013The main features that the Elite Platinum EPC-1013 offers to its potential customers are:

  1.  The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 has 8 preset functions for you to choose from.
  2.  It also boasts of a high volume of 10 Quarts. Please note that this is a rare thing in electric pressure cookers. Some of the other electric pressure cookers that provide you with this volume are brought to you by Power Pressure Cooker XL and Instant Pot.
  3.  It has a safety lid that locks itself when the steam level is high inside and you can only open the lid when it’s safe.
  4. The cook timer and delay timer can be manually set here. This allows you to plan ahead of time and preset your timings in order to ensure that your food is ready by the time you plan it to be ready.
  5. It also claims to have a maximum wattage of 1400.
  6. It is made in two layers, this is to make sure that the outer side of the pressure cooker never gets so hot that it might cause any problem if you happen to accidentally touch it.
  7. It has a 12 hour warming setting besides the 24 hour delay timer.
  8. It also boasts of a LED countdown display which makes it easy to check out on how much time is left for your food to get ready.
  9. It also has, just like the Elite Platinum EPC-1013, a special browning feature.

These two are so alike! What are the differences?

It is undeniable that these two are so alike that they might easily be confused as one if not for their moderately diverse looks. You must keep in mind here that if you are looking for only great looks, you might want to check out the Fagor LUX series as well. However, as they are two different models, they must have some difference – and they do. There are a few differences between these two which must be clear to you as a customer before you make your choice about which one you might buy because it would serve you in the best way. These differences are:

  1. The Elite Platinum EPC-808 has 13 preset functions while the Elite Platinum EPC-1013 has only about eight. Thus, in terms of versatility, the Elite Platinum EPC-808 obviously gets the upper hand.
  2. The Elite Platinum EPC-808 has a volume of 8 quarts while the The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 boasts of a greater volume of 10 quarts.
  3. The Elite Platinum EPC-808 has a wattage of 1000 while the The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 has a wattage of 1400.
  4. The Elite Platinum EPC-808 gives you a choice during the purchase of the inside pot being either of nonstick material or stainless steel. However, the Elite Platinum EPC-1013 only offers you the nonstick-material choice.
  5. The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 has a warming timer of up to 12 hours. This feature is basically absent in The Elite Platinum EPC-808.
  6. While both of them have almost similar and really effective safety measures, it appears that The Elite Platinum EPC-808 might be having a bit more marks in the safety test because of the features that it provides and because of the fact that it is mostly automated while The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 has much more room for manual instructions to be given to the machine.

The Verdict, which one should be chosen (and when and why.)

From all the points, it can easily be understood that both of them are great electronic pressure cookers and are really fit for use. And it is also obvious that they have several functions that are almost the same. However, we can also add to this the fact that there are some differences on the fundamental level that put them aside, just as we saw.

So the question stands here: Which one should be chosen over the other and why?

The simplest answer that we can find for this is that the perfect one depends on the needs of the customer. We can see that in terms of efficiency The Elite Platinum EPC-808 is the leading one because of the 13 preset functions that it offers. For people looking for more functionalities, this is an important point.

Both have only a single pressure setting: High. None of them gets the advantage here. You might want to take a look at the Breville Fast Slow Pro for a wide range of pressure settings.

At the same time, The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 offers a volume of 10 quarts which not only 2 quarts higher than the EPC-808 but also one of the only few options that come this size. If you are in need of a bigger size, EPC-1013 is definitely the choice for you!

Similarly, from an economic perspective as well, The Elite Platinum EPC-1013 is slightly more expensive than the EPC-808. So in case the extra two quarts aren’t all that important, you could save a bit there. You would actually be saving a bit more because the EPC-1013 is also more power consuming than the EPC-808. (Please keep in mind, though, that if you are looking for even cheaper models you might always opt for the Cuisinart CPC-600 or the Tayama Electric Pressure Cooker)

Finally, once again, it’s up to you. These are just logical suggestions on our part, the final choice rests with you, the customer!

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