The Differences Between The Breville Fast Slow Pro and The Fagor Lux.

fagor lux vs breville fast slow pro

The Fagor Lux and the Breville Fast Slow Pro are both, without a doubt, very nice pressure cookers. Both of these pressure cookers have very similar functions, and their prices are also in the same range. So how do you know which one to buy?

The Fagor Lux comes in 3 different looks, Copper, Champagne, and Silver. The Fast Slow Pro on the on the other hand only comes in one color, Silver.

Hopefully this article will make you think a little bit more as to what you’re really looking for and how much you’re willing to spend on an appliance. The price vs. convenience of the two cookers can really make it a hard decision.

This article will describe some of the more notable differences between the two and a few of the less noticeable differences between the two, as well as some pros and some cons for each. Although the Fagor Lux and Breville Fast Slow Pro are very similar, there are some notable differences in the two cookers that may determine which one you choose to purchase.

The Most Notable Differences Between these Two Pressure Cookers

  1. The Lux has a total of 6 different variations of the base model, whereas the Fast Slow Pro only has one.
  2. The Lux can make yogurt while the Fast Slow Pro does not.
  3. The Lux and Fast Slow Pro both have keep warm functions, but the Lux’s function only goes up to 12 hours after the completion of the meal, whereas the Fast Slow Pro’s Keep warm function is indefinite.
  4. The Fast Slow has Cool touch handles on the lid to avoid burns while the Lux does not.
  5. The Lux only has ten preset programs compared to the Fast Slow’s 11.

Those are the most important of the differences out of the two. For most people, if you don’t see yourself trying to homebrew yogurt or leaving the cooker alone for a long time before the meal, the Fast Slow Pro is going to be what you’ll prefer. Although it is somewhat costlier, it is well worth the extra money. But if you don’t have the extra bit of cash, the Lux will be well worth it.

How The Fast Slow Pro Is Better Than The Fagor Lux

Breville Fast Slow Pro pressure cookerAt a price point of almost $250, the Breville Fast Slow Pro is one of 3 of Breville’s slow cookers in their product line.  Potentially one of its most unique features, it boasts an interactive LCD Screen with built-in computer chips that monitor its current status and changes color based on whether the machine is pressurizing, cooking, or releasing steam. It is arguably one of the higher tech small kitchen appliances on the market.

Most reviews for this product do not list any pros and cons, so they are listed below;


  • A 3-way safety lock system to prevent possible harm as well as other safety features such as an auto steam release valve that the Lux does not possess.
  • The keep warm function turns on after the food is finished cooking so it is ready to serve at any time.
  • The pressure and temperature in the pot and the time left on it’s cooking cycle automatically adjust the cooker between Pressure and slow cooking.
  • The control area is quick and easy to use, enabling the consumer to speed up the process of preparing a meal without needing much more than pushing one or two buttons.


  • all the extra convenience features move the price point up.
  • Pulling the lid off carelessly can cause water to get on the LCD interface, damaging it.

Why The Fagor Lux Series Is Cheaper( And Better) Than The Fast Slow Pro.

Fagor LUX pressure cookerThe Fagor lux series of pressure cookers comes in 6 different variants, depending on your needs;

  1. Champagne colored, 4, 6, or 8 quart sized.
  2. Silver colored, 4, 6, or, 8 quart sized.
  3. Copper colored, 6 or 8  quart sized.

The Lux is one of the highest quality pressure cookers on the market for its price range. it is an all-in-one multicooker with ten preset programs as well as the option for a custom setting for your favorite recipe.

It has many features that the Fast Slow Pro does not but lacks some of the conveniences that the slightly higher priced Breville Pressure cooker has. That being said, if you can overlook convenience, and are looking to save some cash, then the Lux is easily the perfect choice.

The ability to make yogurt is often the deciding factor for most consumers. Below I will go over some of the pros and cons of getting the cheaper Fagor Lux rather than the Breville pressure cooker;


  • 10 preset programs allowing for some simplicity when preparing a meal.
  • 1-way locking lid which prevents it from being opened while the inside is still pressurized.
  • A keep warm function that stays on for twelve hours after the meal is finished cooking.
  • Has a delay timer option that goes up to 6 hours, whereas the Breville Fast Slow Pro lacks this function at all.
  • Has the ability to “cook” yogurt


  • Lacks the autonomy that the Fast Slow Pro has, such as an auto steam release valve and the ability to automatically switch between pressure and slow cooking.
  • As stated, for the cheaper price point, it lacks any of the special features that the Breville Fast Slow Pro is complemented by.

So Which is the Best Value Cooker?

For the most part, if you don’t really plan on making yogurt, the Breville Fast Slow Pro is going to be the pressure cooker of choice and is, ultimately the better of the two, for this price range. But if you’re looking to save the extra money and or want to make yogurt, in most cases the Fagor Lux will suit your needs just fine.

Ultimately, the Breville Fast Slow Pro has higher value and is well worth it for any user to pay a bit extra for all the extra convenience features. However, if you need to save the extra bit of money, the Fagor Lux is Still definitely a worthwhile piece of equipment.

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