Della Digital Air Fryer: My Review

Della Digital Air Fryer Review

A few days ago, I was looking for new models I could review. When I reached the Della section, I realized that there wasn’t one but two Air Fryers to review! The Della had a digital Air Fryer as well as a regular one. This made me sort of determined to use both and review them for you.

A few days ago, I reviewed the Della Electric Air Fryer (please click here to check out my review), which is the model that is not digital. Today, Corrie Cooks brings to you the review of the Digital model of Della. The Della Digital Air Fryer.

What are the main features of the Della Digital Air Fryer?

The Della Digital Air Fryer is a great model. It offers you with a lot of features and a really high level of functionality. In fact, all these have made it one of the bestselling models in the Air Fryer market. However, in order to understand what it exactly offers you, it’s important to take a detailed look at its features.

So, the main features that the Della Digital Air Fryer offers you are as follows:

  • The Della Digital Air Fryer, as the name suggests is a Digital Air Fryer. It offers you with digitization and that Della Digital Air Fryer Truemakes it really simple to use. It’s easy not only to operate but also to keep an eye on, making it one of the easiest to use models in the whole market.
  • On the other hand as well, The Della Digital Air Fryer is also famous for it’s LED Display. As I just remarked, this makes it really easy to use it and keep an eye out on the process.
  • The Della Digital Air Fryer also boasts of 8 presets. These presets are options you can choose from. This ensures that the thing that you want to cook is perfectly prepared. If you want similar presets in another model, you might want to try out the GoWISE USA GW22622 Air Fryer.
  • Unlike models like the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer, the Della Digital Air Fryer offers you Temperature Control. This helps you set the right temperature to perfectly cook your food. Otherwise a fixed temperature is either too hot or too cold for specific foods.
  • The Della Digital Air Fryer has a volume of 3.2 Liter, a standard volume for  Air Fryers. This volume is the ideal volume for a family of three.
  • The Della Digital Air Fryer uses the Raid Air Circulation system to keep it fast and safe at the same time.
  • This is one of those models that offer to fry your food without oil. This isn’t offered by every Air Fryer model, but the Della Digital Air Fryer offers you with it.
  • Even from an economic perspective, the Della Digital Air Fryer provides you all these features at one of the lowest prices. This economic viability has made this Air Fryer really famous. Most people who wish economic viability along with features and functions go for this model.

Some of the major limitations of the Della Digital Air Fryer

While the Della Digital Air Fryer offers you with a lot of positive things, it has a few negative ones too. The Della Digital Air Fryer is one of the bestselling models, but these disadvantages stop it from being the only bestselling one.

So, the main limitations of this model that stop it from being the very best are:

  • First of all is lack of choice. This model does not give you choice in size. There is only one size option and for anything even slightly larger, you have to move to another model like the Phillips Avance XL. Frankly, I think that the Power Air Fryer XL handles this well by having two volumes of pretty different sizes and giving you the option to choose.
  • Secondly, lack of choice again. Even when it comes to color, you don’t have any choice. This is a really negative aspects that makes people look away from it.
  • Thirdly, the Della Digital Air Fryer doesn’t really provide you with too much durability. It’s great in its price range and provides you with a lot of things but durability isn’t one of them.

So, is the Della Digital Air Fryer worth going for?

The Della Digital Air Fryer is known for its economic viability. It is also one of the most functional Air fryers. This makes it a really great combination. You are getting to buy a really highly functional Air Fryer at a cost half of other models.

In fact, this makes your position so good that it’s literally harder to go wrong than it is to go right here. And that is why this model is rightfully one of the top selling models in the whole Air Fryer industry.

Personally, I would say that it’s worth it.

Let us now take a look at some of the competing products

Now, it might appear that a seemingly flawless model like this is without any competition. But that is not the case. Even a model like this has its own fair set of competitors. And the competition is actually pretty tough. Let us take a look:

If we judge in terms of functionality, the main competing products for this model are the GoWISE USA GW22622 Air Fryer and the Philips Viva Digital Air fryer HD9230.

If we judge it in terms of volume, the model that might first come into your mind for a slightly larger volume is the Philips Avance XL Air Fryer.

Finally, in terms of pricing, the closest competitor is it’s own mechanical counterpart, the Della Electric Air Fryer.

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