Cuisinart CPC-600 Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Cuisinart CPC-600 Electric pressure Cooker Review

You don’t really see reviews too often of the entry level pressure cookers on the market and you see good reviews even less so. This review of the Cuisinart CPC-600 electric pressure cooker hopefully will break those norms.

This article is a part of a series of comprehensive product reviews that go in depth about the ins and outs of various pressure cookers from various lines from the cream of the crop to the low end units that get the job done without all the bells and whistles.

In this article, we will be focusing on the Cuisinart CPC-600 and some of the benefits it offers. I will of course also mention some of the more popular features that it lacks.

Here at Corrie Cooks we want to make sure that you get the best value out of your time when searching for a pressure cooker as well as the best value of your cooker. So sit back and follow me as I review the Cuisinart CPC-600 so that you as a consumer can decide if this underdog is worth purchasing.

My CPC-600 Review in Summary

cuisinart cpc-600 electric pressure cookerSo this section is a quick rundown on the product as a whole while the rest of these sections will be a more in-depth analysis of this cooker and whether or not it is worth purchasing.

I know most people reading this page have heard of Cuisinart. You probably even own something from the Cuisnart family of products. They are a staple in home cooking and enjoy a reputation that people trust.

This cooker is one of the most popular electric pressure cookers on the market due in large part to it’s low price and the brand behind the appliance.

What you might not know, this pressure cooker is an update on their older non-electric pressure cookers and is the only pressure cooker they currently manufacture.

The CPC-600 (and it’s identical cousins the CPC-600AMZ and the CPC-1200PC) unlike many of the more popular cookers on the market lacks the ability to make yogurt. This drawback, however, is made up for by the fact that this cooker can cook deserts like cheesecake and custard while performing all of the other basic pressure cooker functions you would expect.

Being one of the less expensive pressure cookers on the market it obviously lacks many of the high end features that the premium cookers have like digital display and fancy dials, cooking programs, and multi-cooker capabilities. What it does do however is pressure cook your food at both high or low settings. It is very safe, is well reviewed by past customers, and it won’t empty your wallet.

At its price point the Cuisinart pressure cookers are slightly more expensive than the cheapest electric cookers available for sale but the brand trust and loyalty make it an excellent buy for anyone just looking to simplify dinner prep.

Please stick with me as we look closer at the main features, the pros and cons and the best alternatives to this cooker of this cooker in the next section.

This leads us to:

The Features and Benefits of the CPC-600

Is Cuisinart CPC-600 Worth BuyingThis pressure cooker comes with lots of common features and benefits you would expect in a pressure cooker but it lacks many of the high-end benefits that come with a steeper price tag.

So here’s a quick list of the features that this cooker has:

  • This cooker’s size comes in at 6-quarts, a standard size for most cookers nowadays. Most average sized families will be able to cook single pot meals in this and be just fine.
  • Like all pressure cookers you can expect foods cooked in this device to come out moist and tender on the other side with minimal loss of vitamins through the cooking process due to trapped steam building up pressure creating hotter temperatures.
  • Pressure cooking in this device will save you up to 70% of cooking time over many conventional recipes. Your energy consumption will decrease as well as cooking time decreases.
  • One of the greatest benefits of this cooker is the multiple pressure settings. Some foods cook better at a lower level of pressure and despite the low price tag you still get this feature with the Cuisinart pressure cooker.
  • Although this is not a true multi-cooker, Cuisinart still lets you browning, simmering and sauté in the same pot that you pressure cook in making cooking a bit simpler. If you want to brown a roast or some other piece of meat before pressure cooking it you don’t have to dirty up a second pan on the stove.
  • This cooker has another feature that some may find odd. Its timer has a 99-minute timer display. The thing that is odd is that the timer’s increments are as follows; 0-40 minutes = 1-minute increments. 40-99 minutes =5-minute increments.
  • Best Benefit of this pressure cooker — it’s price. For a major brand this pressure cooker is one of the lowest prices you can find. There are some that cost a tad less but this is the brand that you will already know and trust out of the bunch.

As you can see this model doesn’t really have anything unique about it in the way of functionality but it is durable and gets the job done just fine for a low and affordable price.

In the next section let’s take a look at how safe the unit is.

Spoiler alert – it’s super safe to use.

How Safe is the Cuisinart CPC-600?

Review of Cuisinart CPC-600 Safety FeaturesSo the CPC-600 has quite a few more safety features than most cookers around its price range.

Just some of the safety features it has are;

  • Cool touch handles to ensure you don’t get burned when trying to open or move it while or after it is cooking.
  • An auto-lock system on the lid to ensure that it does not pressurize until after it has been locked into place and the lid is not openable until after all of the pressure has been released. This is good so that you don’t have to worry about any splashing because of an instant depressurization.
  • Although not necessarily a safety feature, the cooker has a non-stick coating so that you don’t have to worry about your meal getting stuck in the pot and wasting your food.

These are the many safety features this cooker has to offer. A lot of pressure cookers on the market lack some of these features around this price point, making this one of the safer cookers at this price.

Is The Cuisnart CPC600 Actually Good at Pressure Cooking?

Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Review of PerformanceThis almost seems like a funny question to ask but the performance of the actual pressure cooker for it’s main function is pretty important if you ask me. No one would ever buy any of these small appliances for the benefit of browning foods or keeping things warm on their own. We buy them to pressure cook in!

As for the performance of this cooker it does perform rather well compared to many of the alternative pressure cooker cookers out there. It seems to have a longer lifespan than you would expect depending on how often you use it and if past customer reviews are any indication of longevity this unit seems to have held up really well over time.

This cooker’s wattage comes in at only 1000 watts, a bit of a standard intake for most 6-quart pressure cookers. Although, there are some more popular cookers of the same size that come in at higher wattages, making this a better choice for someone energy conscious.

This cooker also has a digital thermostat to read the temperatures in the pot. This is in line with the self-locking lid to let you know when the cooker has depressurized enough to be opened.

CPC-600 Maintenance And Cleanup

This model has several features that make it easier to wash than most. This cookers pot is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to always wash it by hand. Along with this, the non-stick coating on the inside of the pot makes cleanup much easier than your average pressure cooker.

As long as you don’t allow any moisture on the electric parts of this cooker you will be okay as far as maintenance goes. Washing the pot after every usage also helps cut down on potential bacteria problems later on.

CPC-600 Temperatures & Data

Some of the less important things to note, just general statistics.

This cooker has a few functions as far as temperature change goes. It has a low and high-pressure setting, the high pressure obviously being the hotter of the two.

The product’s dimensions are also as follows.

  • LWH: 12.20″ x 12.20″ x 13.19″

CPC-600 Accessories

This cooker also comes with a couple different accessories to make things a bit simpler.

These accessories are as follows.

  • A trivet.
  • An optional cookbook for an extra $10.

As you can see nothing too special but definitely nice touches.

Should you Buy a Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker or Some Other Brand?

So this cooker, all in all, is one that I would say is worth buying if you are looking for an entry level pressure cooker from a trusted brand name. If you want something that is a true multi-cooker at a low price then there are better options out there. The best might be the Instant Pot LUX V3, the Aicok electric pressure cooker, or maybe the Fagor Premium just to name a few.


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  1. I have had this Pressure Cooker for at least ten years. I absolutely love it. Beats a stove top Model. I didn’t was a Insa Pot. I have Crock Pots. Nothing beats this Pressure cooker and the brand

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