Cosori vs Bella Electric Pressure Cookers

Cosori vs Bella Electric Pressure Cookers

Today we are going to look into some interesting lesser known cookers. You don’t see comparisons of two small named cookers very often.

This article will be covering the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker and the Cosori Electric Pressure cookers. Neither of these cookers is very well known in the market, but they have definitely made a significant staple into it. Cosori is the better known of the two.

It is worth noting that the Bella cooker is just a single cooker while there are three Cosori cookers. Hopefully, after reading this article you may consider supporting some of the smaller names in the culinary market by buying their products.

I feel it is worth noting that the Cosori cookers have been covered somewhat more extensively on our site than the Bella cookers. However, you can look forward to an extensive review of it and some more comparisons in the near future.

With all that being said, let’s look at the most important differences between these cookers.

How are the Bella Cooker and the Cosori Cookers Different?

The Bella cooker is just a single cooker, while Cosori has 3 cookers.

The Cosori cookers have a large number more features than the Bella cooker, however, the Bella cooker has many things that trump the Cosori cookers as well.

  1. The Bella cooker has ten preset programs. Two of three of the Cosori cookers have less.
  2. The Cosori 1156pc cooker is the most popular cooker. It has 15 preset programs.
  3. The Bella Cooker has the option of either a 6-quart or 8-quart cooker option. All the Cosori cookers are 6-quart models.
  4. The Bella Cooker display is simple and linear compared to the Cosori Cookers.

Both of these cookers are great for any entry-level chef. If you don’t pressure cook often, or want to save money the Bella Cooker is perfect.

If you are looking for a somewhat cheaper alternative cooker to the more expensive cookers on the market, the Cosori cookers are a great way to go.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at each of these cookers individually and see just what each of these small cookers have to offer.

We’ll be looking at the ‘more popular’ Cosori cooker first.

The Cosori Electric Pressure Cooking Line

Cosori 7-in-1 Multifunctional Pressure CookerThis Cooker, although a small name, still has some value to its pressure cookers and is definitely worth taking a look at. They are still small and have ways to go to prove themselves. So let’s take a look at its pressure cookers, of which there are only 3 as of the time of writing.

1. Cosori C3120-PC

The C3120 is a miniature pressure cooker coming in at only 2 quarts. It has 7-in-1 multifunction cooking as well as the fact that it cooks about 70% faster than your average non-electric pressure cooker which in turn saves more energy because of the smaller time frame. It is designed for individual use rather than cooking for a larger family, perfect for living on your own while not wanting to plain old instant food.

2. Cosori C1156-PC

This is their most popular cooker as it is a full-fledged 6-quart cooker that has 15 preset programs for quick and convenient setup. It eliminates the need to wait a long time for a meal to be done and can serve a whole family. It as well as the C3120 have an optional glass lid for your slow cooking needs.

3. Cosori C2126-PC

This cooker is not much different from the C3120 cooker. It is the second iteration of the C3120 and has a volume of 6-quarts similar to the C1156 cooker. Not much to say here as the size is pretty much the only difference from the C3120 model.

The C1156 is the model I was referring to earlier. It has several functions that make pressure cookers nice. It has a delay timer and keep-warm function as well as 15 preset modes that make it convenient for home use.

The Bella Electric Pressure Cooker, The Variable

Bella 8-quart pressure cookerThe Bella Electric Pressure cooker is a great place any company could start with, it features several useful functions, it’s quick and simple. Although it remains to be seen how this company advances, I believe this cooker is a great start.

The Bella Electric Pressure cooker has a small linear display that keeps the cooking process simple. If you are looking to do some manual cooking or want to extend the cook timer out just a little longer, it has the manual button for added convenience.

This cooker also features a delay timer as well as a keep warm function.

Unlike the Cosori Pressure cookers, this cooker has an 8-quart option for a little extra. A steam release valve and air-tight locking lid add some convenience and safety to the cooking process so you can be assured you are always cooking safely.

One-touch cooking; Stick the Food in and press the preset button and you’ve got a meal.

This cooker is without a doubt one of the best entry-level cookers on the market. At no more cost than a conventional stovetop pressure cooker, there’s really no reason NOT to get this cooker if you’ve considered pressure cooking.

So Cosori Or Bella; Which should you get?

The Bella Cooker is going to be more affordable if only slightly compared to the Cosori cookers. This coupled with a number of features it has for the price could make it a very easy choice.

That said, The Cosori 1156pc cooker is also a great way to go. While the other two are good, this cooker is really the only cooker of the three worth comparing. If you want to spend a little extra cash, Consider getting the 1156pc for the extra added convenience.

Truthfully, you can’t go wrong either way.

If you have chosen one of these cookers but are still a bit confused, I’ve added several links throughout the article as well as this one.

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