ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide Review

ChefSteps is a reputed line of products when it comes to Sous Vide. They are one of the first to come to your mind if you’re familiar with this market. However, that doesn’t mean that they are something we should blindly buy. Nor does it mean that there’s only one model out there by them.

In today’s article, we’re going to check out one of their models that’s loved the most by all. So, we’re going to consider both the positive and negative aspects of the model and check out if it’s worth it. We might also find out some of the main models competing with this one. So, if you feel interested, please don’t forget to read this article till the end!

What are some of the main features of this exquisite model?

This exquisite model depends on several pillars. These are the pillars of efficiency, functionality, quality as well as affordability. It might appear once in a while as if these aren’t as important as they seem, but that’s not the case at all. These are all really important things and these really affect the overall quality of the model. So, the main features of the model might be summed up as follows:

  • In order to work, it needs only 1.5 inches of standing water. It can heat up to 10 gallons of water, making it super simple and really versatile when it comes to use.ChefSteps CS10001
  • And of course, it’s not like other devices. You don’t have to buy other equipment to use it with. You can use it with the pots that you already have. This makes it the whole cost, there is nothing hidden away from you!
  • This model isn’t just operated with a button. This model is operated by an entirely digital interface. It’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can operate it through that directly. You can also connect it with amazon and use your voice to give it commands. This makes it super simple to use and really versatile. This is one of the best things about this model.
  • And don’t forget that you can cook a lot of things with this model. This model isn’t only good for heating the water up but also cooking like that. Since you can maintain the same temperature with the help of this device, it’s really easy to cook with. And because of the same temperature being maintained, there’s almost no chance of overcooking or under-cooking.
  • And even that isn’t all! This model is made of stainless material so it’s not even gonna leave a mark!
  • Plus, it’s white in color and it looks absolutely beautiful. This makes it a great product because it can fit in with your beautiful kitchen to beautify it even more! Let’s be honest, there are several products that are functional and several products that are good looking. It’s hard to find one that can boast of both these properties. And this model is that one- so there’s no reason to not go for it!

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There’s only one drawback but this is a major one.

This model doesn’t have too many flaws. In fact, it actually is one of those models where it’s hard to point a flow. But there’s one thing that most people hate about this model. While some of them are not even troubled by it, they all agree that there was room for betterment in that case. So we have to mention this thing that stops this model from being THE bestselling model out there.

And we must also keep in mind at the same time that this model makes many people turn away from it. Sometimes, people buy the model without knowing about it and are unable to operate it because of this thing. So if you’re reading this, congratulations to you beforehand for getting to know about it. So, let’s talk about it now.

This main thing that is the main limitation of this model is the fact that it can’t be used without technology. I understand using it with a phone and some wireless system makes it cool and functional. For some, it makes it super simple to use. But at the same time, for some others, it makes it super hard (even impossible) to use. So that’s the thing most people hate about it even if they are fine with it themselves. Not everyone loves technology enough to embrace it to this extent and they should have thought about it. That’s actually the only major drawback about this model.

So, should I actually go for this model? Is it worth that?

Well, this actually entirely depends on you. Your specific needs will dictate what is the exact model that you must go for. You must judge it according to those and you can surely go for it if it serves all of them. You must keep in mind that it’s a fairly expensive model so the economic factor must be considered too.

And as for my opinion, I think that it’s a great model if you can embrace the use of technology. It’s super efficient and it has a great quality and it’s super simple to use. It’s the way to get great results with little work! So of course, for people like me who are lazy but want things done properly, this is among the best choices!

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