Can you Cook Rice in a Pressure Cooker?

cook rice in a pressure cooker

Rice is one of those things that I have started making all the time! It really does go with just about everything and it’s a nice starch to pull bread and potatoes out of the lineup every time you make it.

I started making basic white rice in a rice cooker before I started learning how to make it on the stovetop. These days I’ve been experimenting with cooking rice with a pressure cooker. I find that it requires a lot less active cooking to do it in a pressure cooker than in a stove top sauce pan and the rice can be much more complex than it comes out in a standard rice cooker.

Are you looking to make some good rice in the pressure cooker?

Well then look no further.

I’ve compiled 38 of the best rice recipes for the pressure cooker that are super easy to make.

Here we go!

Brown Rice Pressure Cooker Recipes

The Honour System just posted this super simple and classic Brown Rice recipe for the Instant Pot or other similar electric pressure cookers.

Super Healthy Kids recently posted this awesome Chicken and Brown Rice recipe for the pressure cooker.

Our Best Bites has a great yet simple recipe for (slightly) fried brown rice in the pressure cooker. In my home we always fry our dry rice before add the liquids so I’m partial to it.

Veg Kitchen has a truly delicious looking one-pot brown rice and lentils dish that could be used as a meal or as a side. Love it.

The Salad Lobby has a recently posted fresh take on rice. Take any of the basic pressure cooker brown rice recipes (maybe one from those listed above) then follow the rest of this recipe to put together a really nice rice based salad chalk full of fruit.

In the coming days I’ll be updating this post with lots more recipes and options for making rice in a pressure cooker so make sure to check back later and bookmark this post too!

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