The Best Instant Pot Recipes of 2018

Here are my best instant pot recipes. Feel free to print and share. New recipes every week :]

The Best Recipes for Instant Pot Pressure Cookers as of 2018


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Instant Pot electric pressure cookers are just about the hottest thing in the kitchen these days. Everyone is buying them and recipe books are exploding both online and in book store.

Just search Amazon for them and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with how many there are to choose from.

Rather than pushing you into a book purchase let me instead offer you an alternative. I own an Instant Pot and I’ve been combing through online recipes for a long time. I’ve looks at a ton of them and tried a lot of them and I know which one’s I like best.

On this page I’ve decided to present for you all of the best Instant Pot recipes I’ve come across on the web that are free of charge. I’m not republishing them either. I’ll give you a link direct to the source so you can see just who is behind the creation. I’m not a chef – I don’t come up with recipes – I simply find good recipes and cook them.

On this page you’ll find the cream of the crop. My top picks. The recipes for Instant Pot pressure cookers are all amazing and some may be easier than others to put together but you won’t be disappointed.

Lower on this page I’ll give you some curated lists of different types of Instant Pot recipes – you know, in case you’re looking for something specific, say Indian Curry or Meatloaf. You get the idea. If you want to jump ahead to this section just click this link.


How About Buying A Comprehensive Instant Pot Recipe Cookbook?

Rather than sifting through online recipes for the Instant Pot every time you cook something you may also want to invest in a good cookbook to store in your kitchen. I also have a page where I review the best Instant Pot cookbooks sold today. I hope you’ll check it out; a good cookbook is invaluable and only a small investment.

Also, note that this page is just a section from my greater online Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe Book which features some recipes designed for other electric devices from other pressure cooker brands.

This recipe is part of the biggest FREE Instant Pot Recipe Index, a huge collection of 938 original and delicious recipes.
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