Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker vs Elite Platinum

aicok pressure cooker vs elite platinum

So we are back again with another product line versus a singular product. You can always rely on us to bring you interesting and informative articles.

This time around we are comparing the Elite Platinum Product Line to the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker.

I think this comparison, in particular, is a really interesting one. I say this because the Aicok is an entry-level electric pressure cooker that I personally believe is a great alternative to the Elite Platinum cookers if you are looking to save some money.

This article will go over the Elite Platinum Product line and compare it to the Aicok cooker and explain some reasons why it is and isn’t worth purchasing when compared to the Elite Platinum Cookers.

I’d also like to quickly say that if you don’t mind spending the money then the Elite Platinum cookers are definitely worth it, this article is just taking a look at a cheaper alternative.

All that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent differences between the Elite Platinum cooker line and the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker.

The Most Important Differences Between The Aicok Pressure Cooker and the Elite Platinum Line.

So there are some obvious differences between these cookers.

The most obvious being the price and the fact that one is a line rather than a single line.

So just what are these differences?

  1. The Elite Platinums vary widely in function and size.
  2. The Elite Platinums are all much more expensive.
  3. The Aicok pressure cooker is designed for more entry-level ease.
  4. The Elite Platinums are a larger name and are completely safety-certified.
  5. Aicok is a smaller and lesser known name, thus has less brand loyalty.

These cookers, as you can see, are fairly similar. The nice thing is that makes it less of a gamble to choose the cheaper cooker.

At the same time, choosing the cheaper cooker can still provide someone new to electric pressure cooking a look into what the pricier cookers can do, without having to go out and spend $100+ to get something worth buying.

A good thing to remember, however, is that Elite Platinum is a bigger name and their products are more widely trusted and distributed. This is a good thing to remember because some people rely on brand loyalty and safety when buying appliances.

So let’s take a look at each of these individually to find out just what each of them is capable of.

First, we will look at the Elite Platinum cooker line.

The Elite Platinum Series of Pressure Cookers.

Elite Platinum EPC-678BRThe Elite Platinum Series of cookers is arguably one of the best lines on the market. This line features seven different cookers, each being unique in some way.

This series is set apart from most other cookers and series on the market as it has a lot to offer that other cookers don’t.

All of these cookers are certified for complete safety and diverse functionality. It is best to do research into each one to determine what makes them different and why one is better than the other.

So just to go over the most prominent similarities in these cookers;

  1. Each Elite Platinum cooker has a safety certification and is entirely safe for home use.
  2. The Elite Platinum Cookers are priced fairly for what they offer, making them some of the best value cookers on the market.

There are 7 total cookers you can find under the Elite Platinum cooker name. And although they have the same name, these cookers are still somewhat different.

Let’s look at each cooker individually and see what sets them apart.

Elite Platinum EPC-813

  • 9 total Preset Functions.
  • An 8-quart bowl.
  • Safety certified.
  • A large wattage of 1200
  • Aluminum casing.
  • A safety switch that keeps cooking going in event of a power shortage.

Elite Platinum EPC-678

  • 11 preset functions.
  • Standard 6-quart volume cooker.
  • Features a slow cooking function.
  • This cookers wattage comes in at a standard 1000.

Elite Platinum EPC-808

  • 13 preset functions.
  • 8-quart volume bowl.
  • Stainless steel bowl to ensure sleekness.
  • A wattage of 1000.

Elite Platinum EPC-55

  • 5 preset functions.
  • odd volume at 5.5 quarts rather than an even 5.
  • 1000 wattage cooker.

Elite Platinum EPC-414

  • 9 preset functions.
  • 4 Quart capacity
  • 800-watt cooker.

Elite Platinum EPC-607

  • 6 preset functions.
  • A volume of 6 quarts.
  • This cookers wattage is 1200.

Elite Platinum EPC-1013

  • a 12-hour keep warm setting
  • This cooker comes in a 10-quart size, something you don’t see often.
  • Manual cook and timer delay.
  • a 1400 watt cooker.
  • Two layers inside to ensure safety and stability.
  • 8 optional preset functions.

As you can see from the above section, each of these cookers is different in several ways, although carrying the same name.

Even so, they are all remarkable similar. These cookers are set apart widely from anything else offered in the market because of their variety and all of these cookers are definitely worth the buy.

Now that you know what this line has to offer, let’s look at the smaller alternative and see what it is capable of.

The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker, Entry-Level At Its Finest.

Aicok Electric Multi-Fucntional Pressure CookerThe Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker has many similarities to the more expensive cookers on the market and stacks up well with many of them.

This cooker is a 7-in-1 multifunction cooker that makes setting up any meal a fairly simple task. It features dual pressure settings, with High Pressure being the obvious hotter one, as well as a slow cooking option and some other convenience functions.

This cooker all in all is a great budget cooker, and functionality wise, it is worth its price. But with Aicok being the lesser known name of the two, is it really reliable?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this cooker to answer that question;


  • This cooker has a 24-hour delay timer.
  • 7 preset functions for quick meal preparation.
  • An automatic keep-warm function so the food is ready to serve when you are.
  • Smart detection of a leaky lid(the steam release valve).
  • A safety locking lid that stays in place while the cooker is pressurized.
  • Similar in design enough to mid-tier pressure cookers for it to be familiar.


  • No name brand quality assurance.
  • No size variants.
  • no other price options.

So most of the drawbacks, when compared to the Elite Platinum line, is just based on variety. This is obviously something that is not often an issue and is generally overlooked.

What Is The Best Value?

Overall, if you can afford the cooker, the Elite Platinum cookers are a great way to go. But if you desire affordability and are new to pressure cookers, the Aicok cooker is a nice start.

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