Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Here‘s an interesting one for you all. Here at Corrie Cooks we take care to discuss all the models ranging from the famous Instant Pot up to the almost unknown but almost cheapest models like Tayama.

In today’s article, we are going to review one of the comparatively unknown models that you might or might not have even heard of before this, the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker.

While some of you might complain that it is pretty popular in comparison to models like Bella Electric Pressure Cooker, it is still pretty unknown in comparison to famous brands or lines of products such as the Breville Fast Slow Pro.

Without further ado, let us look at the specific details of the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker now, the special model that we are going to discuss in this article in detail.

The main features of the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker

The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker is an electric pressure cooker, as the name makes obvious. However, it is a special pressure cooker model and it has a some specific features that put it apart from the rest of the electric pressure cooker models. Besides this, the Aicok electric pressure cooker is also one of the comparatively unknown brands out there in the market, making it a great topic of discussion because its depths still lie almost unexplored and ready to be found.

The main features that the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker offers you are as follows::

  • The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker has a volume of about 6.33 quarts.
  • This pressure cooker, The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker, has 10 in built processor controlled programs that you might chose from as you wish.
  • The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker is a specially designed cooker that can easily make rice, it can make a maximum of 10 cups of rice, although.
  • One of the Safest Pressure Cookers in the industry. The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker boasts of 10 safety features and measures which is one of the highest any of the electric pressure cookers presently provide you with.
  • The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker is a 7 in 1 special pressure cooker that is really versatile when it comes to preparing dishes.
  • In addition, when you choose “chicken/meat” or any other function key, you can press “Texture” to set your own time. It has 3 features in textures: Fragrant, Standard, Full Cyclically.
  • There is also a feature known as the “Strong Fragrance” which I personally find similar to the “Flavor Infusion Technology” of the Power Pressure Cooker XL. This feature allows the food to contain flavor and lets you cook for longer in order to enhance the flagrance.
  • The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker also has a wattage of around 1000 watts.

The Disadvantages of the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker

While it might appear at this point that the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker has no negative points, that is far from the reality. There are, like all models, several negative points associated with this model as well that make it a later preference for people.

Of these disadvantages, we can not figure every single one out without sing every single model of electric pressure cooker available out there. However, in general, we can sum up the main limitations of the Aicok Electric pressure cooker in the following words:

  • First of all, the Aicok Electric pressure, although in the low cost zone, is not the cheapest option out there. There are several options that provide you with around the same amount of functionality at a lower price range such as the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker. This creates a position of disadvantage for the Aicok Electric Pressure cooker.
  • Secondly, while the special thing that it provides you with ( Strong Fragrance ) is similar to the Flavor Infusion technology of the Power Pressure Cooker XL, it still lacks the special features of other large brands such as the Yogurt making feature for which the Instant Pot line of products is famous.
  • Again, as  said earlier, the product has a lot of functionality but some models such as the Tayama provide equal or even more functionality at a comparatively lower rate, that makes the chances of this product’s sale drop.

So, is the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker worth it?

Yes, I’d say that the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker is still worth it. One thing that you will find has been overlooked in most of the articles is durability.

You heard me right. The Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker is also a realyl durable electric pressure cooker which gives you a new different reason to invest in it. Yes, you might have to pay a bit more, but the durability you get in return is worth much more than the extra amount you pay.

So at the end of the day, you are making a profit even when you pay more for the Aicok Electric pressure cooker, making it worth it.

What are the main competing products for the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker?

Well, the Aicok Electric Pressure Cooker actually excels in terms of quality, in this price range, it does not really have a competitor for that. However, from other aspects, we might look at a few competitors.

Judging based on functionality, the Cuisinart CPC-600 seems to be a formidable competitor, making it the right one to mention in this article.

Again, based on economic selection, you might take a look at the Tayama electric pressure cooker or the Bella Electric pressure cooker for the rightfully most economic choice.

At the end of the day, what you choose must always depend on the specific needs you have. The best model for you would be the model that would give you the most out of your value while serving all your needs. So, do not forget to know well before you decide to invest.



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