15 Unexpected Ways to Use Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup glazed ham

Maple syrup isn't just for pancakes anymore! Unleash the full potential of this sweet, golden nectar by incorporating it into various dishes, both sweet and savory.

Maple syrup's unique flavor can elevate even the most ordinary recipes, turning them into extraordinary culinary experiences.

In this collection of 15 unexpected ways to use maple syrup, we'll show you how to incorporate this delightful ingredient into everything from main courses to side dishes and desserts.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes get a delightful upgrade with the addition of maple syrup. The syrup's natural sweetness perfectly complements the earthy flavor of sweet potatoes, making this side dish a delicious and unique treat for any meal.

Glazed Ham

Elevate your glazed ham with the help of maple syrup. Mixing maple syrup with mustard creates a flavorful and sticky glaze that beautifully caramelizes the ham, making it a mouthwatering centerpiece for any special occasion.

Apple Crisp

Give your classic apple crisp recipe a twist by adding maple syrup. The syrup adds a rich, deep sweetness to the dish, enhancing the flavor of the apples and making this dessert even more irresistible.

Carrots and Potatoes

Roasting potatoes and carrots with a touch of maple syrup brings out the natural sweetness of these vegetables. The result is a deliciously caramelized and flavorful side dish that pairs well with any main course.


Adding maple syrup to your eggnog recipe not only sweetens the drink but also adds a delightful depth of flavor. This twist on the classic holiday beverage is sure to impress your guests and keep them coming back for more.

Maple Glazed Chicken

Maple glazed chicken is a simple and delicious way to add a touch of sweetness to your dinner. The syrup forms a sticky, caramelized glaze that perfectly complements the savory flavors of the chicken, making it a tasty and satisfying meal.

Pork Tenderloin

Upgrade your pork tenderloin recipe by adding a maple syrup glaze. The sweet and savory glaze enhances the flavor of the tender pork, creating a delectable and impressive dish that's perfect for dinner parties or family gatherings.

Frozen Waffles

Transform your ordinary frozen waffles into a gourmet breakfast by drizzling them with maple syrup. The syrup adds a rich, sweet flavor that elevates the waffles to new heights, making your morning meal extra special.

Sheet Pan Pancakes

Make your sheet pan pancakes even more scrumptious by incorporating maple syrup into the batter. The syrup adds a delightful sweetness that permeates every bite, creating a delicious and fuss-free breakfast option for busy mornings.


Give your brownies a unique twist by adding maple syrup to the mix. The syrup adds a rich, caramel-like sweetness that complements the chocolatey goodness of the brownies, resulting in an extra-indulgent dessert that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pumpkin Pie

Take your pumpkin pie to the next level by adding a splash of maple syrup to the filling. The syrup enhances the natural sweetness of the pumpkin and adds a warm, rich flavor that makes this classic dessert even more irresistible.

Pecan Pie

Upgrade your pecan pie by incorporating maple syrup into the filling. The syrup adds a delightful depth of flavor and sweetness that perfectly complements the nutty taste of the pecans, creating a mouthwatering dessert that everyone will love.

Maple Carrot Fries

Transform ordinary carrot fries into a sweet and savory treat by drizzling them with maple syrup before roasting. The syrup caramelizes the carrots and adds a delicious sweetness that pairs wonderfully with their natural earthiness, making for a delectable and unique side dish.

Maple Salmon

Elevate your salmon dish with the addition of maple syrup. A maple glaze adds a sweet and savory dimension to the fish, creating a luscious and flavorful dish that's both easy to prepare and perfect for impressing dinner guests.

Maple Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

Give your chicken drumsticks a tantalizing twist by coating them in a maple mustard glaze. The combination of sweet maple syrup and tangy mustard creates a deliciously sticky and flavorful glaze that turns ordinary drumsticks into an extraordinary meal.

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