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12 Quart Electric Pressure Cookers That Are Available Now

12 Quart Electric Pressure Cookers

Did I mention about having a bigger family in general? Oh yes I did..

How about guests or friends coming over? I mentioned that too….

Well, seems like I’ve already used up all of my magic words when I was talking about the 10 Quart Electric Pressure Cookers.

Oh well, how embarrassing! I hope you’ll still take your time to listen to what I have to tell you. Today, I’m going to talk about something that is usually not covered anywhere. Wherever you see larger pressure cooker volumes, they end at 10 quarts saying they are rare enough (which they are). But thing is, they are not the largest available in the Industry. Yes, you heard me right. There are pressure cookers available that are even larger than the 10 quart models.

This is what we are discussing about in this article today. Corrie Cooks brings to you a list of the 12 Quart Pressure Cookers that one finds in the market today. Looking to get even more volume than the 10 Quart electric pressure cooker? You need not look any farther!

Why would anyone need a 12 quart Electric Pressure Cooker?

“Why would anyone need a 12 quart electric pressure cooker?- I mean…. It’s huge!” This is the typical statement you will come across whenever you mention this size. However, we understand that several people might have several requirements. And do not feel bad if you hear such remarks from people, because guess what, even the companies know you exist and they are making products for you.

Yes, you might complain it isn’t as common as the Instant Pot, but then, nothing is as common as the Instant Pot. Having a limited market also reduces its scope. Just because it isn’t famous or that common doesn’t mean that it isn’t as great or even twice as great!

What are some of the available 12 Quart Models?

At this point you must have overcome the worries we discussed. However, you still don’t know which companies or what models are there which are providing you with 12 Quart Models. Well, let’s find it out then!

While there are very few companies that provide you with 12 quart models, not all of them have been able to market their products properly because of its limited market. However, we’ve tired our best to bring to you as many companies and models as we could find after a long search. So, at the end, these are the available models of 12 Quarts:


The first entry in the list of 12 quart pressure cooker would be that line of products which has one product even larger than it. The GoWISE USA provides you with 6, 12 and 14 quart electric pressure cookers, making it one of those brands that provides you with your rare huge-sized electric pressure cookers.

Besides the size, it also provides you with enormous functionality as well efficiency, making it a really great choice for your kitchen and houseold. The only reason this line of products isn’t as famous as the Instant Pot is because of how this line of products is mostly marketing these rarer products instead of the more common (click here for our article on the differences between the Instant Pot and the GoWISE USA) However, it sure does get it loyal customers for these products, a win-win!

2. Gourmia Electric Pressure Cooker:

Gourmia GP1000 - 10 quart electric Pressure CookerAnother comparatively unknown name. The Gourmia Electric Pressure Cooker also has a special model of 12 quarts. This is one of their largest models and provides you with an astonishingly high volume of 12 quarts, making it really easy for you to cook for a large host of people as we’ve been saying from the beginning.

Given with the Gourmia Quality and efficiency, it makes it a formidable competitor for all other electric pressure cookers that sell a 12 quart model (or any other model that shares the same volume with Gourmia).

3. Della Electric Pressure Cooker:

Della Electric Pressure Cooker 10 quartHere’s one more line of products that provides you with an electric pressure cooker which has a volume that amounts to an enormous 12 Quarts. This makes the Della Electric Pressure Cooker a great choice when it comes to buying a large electric pressure cooker.

However, this 1600 Watt Electric Pressure Cooker also provides you with great functionality, making it a completely justified choice when it comes to selecting the right electric pressure cooker for yourself.

Sadly However…

While several new models such as the Instant Pot Ultra and the Instant Pot Plus60 are coming out everyday, there is still no sight of any new model that has been launched with a volume of 12 Quarts.

Even more disheartening might be the fact that even among the upcoming models such as the Fagor LUX 360 which is coming up in May 2017, there is no such electric pressure cooker in sight which would boast of a volume of 12 quarts.

What should I go for then?

Now you might get slightly confused because of how nice all the models are. You might start to wonder what the best choice would be. Well, there’s no need to be worried.

While there might be a best electric pressure cooker available out there, it isn’t always importantly the best for you. It might so happen that your specific needs are slightly different making some other model the most suited for you.

So, what you need to do is become aware of what your specific needs are, you must keep them in mind when you go our to select an electric pressure cooker. If you do this, there is no chance that you might go wrong, you can always rely on it for the right purchase. So, do not forget to keep your needs in mind and don’t forget to do your research before you invest!

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