10 Worst Celebrities That No One Wants to Ever Serve Again

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Stories of how celebrities behave when they are in restaurants are rampant. Many famous people are charming, and the waitstaff has nothing but nice things to say about them. However, some notable people are known for being cheap, demanding, and mean.

Here is a list of people with bad reputations among servers and other restaurant workers from stories on the Internet and from members of a well-known Internet forum.

1. Usher

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He's a dine and dasher. Usher is additionally known for acting inappropriately towards women. From other accounts, if he tips, Usher is rude, demanding, and a cheap tipper.

He uses the arrogant phrase, "Do you know who I am?" even worse, he sometimes leaves the restaurant entirely without paying the bill. Usher had even left his autograph instead of a tip and stormed out when asked for his ID at a restaurant bar to verify his age when he didn't get what he wanted.

2. Mariah Carey

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Singer and actress Mariah Carey did not make a good impression on the servers at Disneyland. One server said Carey was the worst person the server had ever met while working. The singer also kept a restaurant in Las Vegas open late for a large party without a reservation.

After receiving a whole night's worth of special treatment, Carey and members of her party refused to leave a tip. Instead, the Diva will repeatedly send food back to the kitchen if it needs to be cooked exactly how she wants it.

3. James Corden

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Reports indicated that actor and host James Corden is known for being loud and obnoxious in restaurants. One user declared that they wished someone would get him to stop talking and carrying on.

Corden was also banned from the exclusive restaurant Balthazar in New York City for mistreating the waitstaff. The restauranteur who owns Balthazar called Corden "the most abusive customer" in 25 years.

4. Charlize Theron

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A commenter in the know told the story of the glamorous star's visit to a local restaurant in their area of South Africa. They expressed surprise that Charlize Theron was not on any lists describing rude celebrities.

While at this restaurant, a member of Theron's "team" demanded to address the staff and give them instructions on how to serve the actress. It was very disappointing to the staff, who were excited that she was there and eager to serve her as a customer.

Her handler lines up the kitchen staff and lectures them, and demands that the waitstaff "doesn't address her directly or make eye contact." The user then joked (hopefully), "That night, the kitchen ran short of spit, delaying her meal."

5. Jeremy Piven

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Jeremy Piven is known for playing the outrageous and abrasive character Ari Gold on Entourage. Still, one story talks about an incident in Aspen, Colorado, where he and a group of friends created such a disturbance that the restaurant manager threw his party out.

As a retort to being shown the door, Piven denied the waitstaff a tip, left a DVD of the Entourage TV show, and told the manager, "Thank for nothing" when he left.

6. Lea Michele

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The Glee actress already has a reputation for being disagreeable. Still, one story of how she openly mocked a server trying to describe the dishes on the menu was particularly appalling.

Michele complained to every manager about the waiter's performance and had her father go to the kitchen to insist that they had been waiting for hours when they had only been in the restaurant for 20 minutes.

She and her party decided to go through the bill and pick out items they refused to purchase. Then, to top everything off, they only left a tip of 10%.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

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A contributor said of the actress and Goop Founder, "Gwyneth refused to "speak with the help" and ordered via her assistant."

An article from The Irish Times said that Paltrow looked at the restaurant menu where she met the reporter and then loudly declared that she couldn't "eat this" and that they should leave the restaurant and order room service at the hotel. She could have said all this more discreetly but chose to humiliate the staff instead.

8. Kendall Jenner

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When Jenner was still underage, she reportedly tried to force restaurants and bars to serve her alcohol when she wasn't legally of age to drink and would become angry if they refused.

Jenner is another dine-and-dash and has left a restaurant without paying the bill, forcing a server to chase her outside. She responded to the request by throwing money in the server's face and laughing. So naturally, the money didn't include a tip.

9. Tiger Woods

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It seems like a pattern for entitled celebrities. According to published reports, Tiger Woods is another wealthy person who will leave a restaurant without paying his bill and expect others to cover the charges. The golf legend is allegedly arrogant and demanding towards restaurant staff, and even if they work themselves to the bone to make him happy, he refuses to tip.

10. Britney Spears

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The "Toxic" singer's lousy behavior with restaurant waitstaff has led to her being told that she is no longer welcome at several restaurants in Los Angeles. Spears doesn't like to tip and infamously once left a measly $26 tip for a bill of $500. For those who want to do something other than math, that is a 5% gratuity. 

Even more offensively, Spears demanded that a server walk to Starbucks to get her a coffee and not only didn't tip him for the extra work, but she also didn't pay him for the drink either. 

This thread inspired this post.

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