10 Weight Loss Secrets Your Nutritionist Is Hiding

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Ever wondered why shedding those extra pounds feels like an uphill battle? Maybe it's time to peek behind the curtain and discover the secrets that even some nutritionists might not tell you. From sipping on water before meals to making your weight-loss journey enjoyable, these 10 tips could make all the difference. Ready to flip the script on weight loss? Here's your inside scoop.

AUTHOR: Ben Rice

1. Exercise

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Some people joke that having anxiety or depression is a surefire way to shed pounds, but all jokes aside, exercise will mitigate fat and sadness. "As a fat person with high anxiety and depression, this doesn't work," explains an honest character. "I've tried it several times; the only times I've lost weight was when I exercised."

2. Drink Water Or Carbonated Water

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We tee off with a simple "Not drinking your calories" from the first thread member, who finds agreement from others. I was shocked on my first American visit how many people liked sugary, canned drinks. "It's honestly disgusting how much sugar is in every drink in America," another poster concedes. "Even our fruit juice has a large amount of sugar."

3. Nothing

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One gentleman claims you can listen to "Every self-help book, every fitness DVD, and every advertised medication," but ultimately, it is down to personal motivation. "It takes honesty with yourself, hard work, stoicism, education, perseverance, and a personal change in the way you think," argues someone who lost weight through exercise, discipline, and eating right.

4. Fasting

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"I have been trying to do more intermediate (intermittent) fasting lately, so I don't have anything besides water after 6 pm," says an observer who is experiencing a transformation.

"I feel better now than I have in years." If we deny our body the much-craved carbs our minds tell us we need, the body takes action. Ketosis is the first stage, where our metabolism burns stored fat cells, but the next stage is even better: autophagy destroys old, potentially cancerous cells.

5. Separating Emotion From Nutrition

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Guilt eating, comfort eating, or binge eating cannot be part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important not to eat based on emotion, says a commenter. "Don't eat to feel happy, don't eat when you're bored, or to change the emotion you are currently feeling and don't want to feel," warns another contributor.

6. Calorie Deficit

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It needn't be overly complicated, suggest many people. However, relying on gimmicky diet products is unlikely to help. "Many people try to 'eat organic/bio' and wonder why they aren't losing weight while eating 'better quality food,'" asserts a commenter. "Calories in; calories out." If you want to eat that pizza, be prepared to sacrifice elsewhere or burn it off somehow.

7. Fun

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Far too many people accept that a gym membership is the best way to get fit. The problem this brings is that lifting weights gets boring, so why not integrate fun into your weight-loss targets? Joining a boxing or yoga class where you shed pounds, build muscle, and learn a new skill is a great way to lose weight while feeling positive.

8. No New Year's Resolutions

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Giving yourself a time-dependent ultimatum in January may feel like a fresh start, but it is too sudden. Choose your target and work towards it, says a weight-loss expert. "Within weeks, most people fall right back into their old habits because they're quickly discouraged or tired of trying to tackle too much at once."

9. Movement

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Author Dan Buettner studied the world's five 'blue zones' where people have the longest life expectancy globally. He found that certain regions in Japan, Greece, Costa Rica, Sardinia, and a small community of Mormons in California live longer than anywhere else.

There are many reasons behind this lifespan, but he cites daily physical movement as the cornerstone of a healthy life — a sedentary life will never help you lose weight.

10. Sleep

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It makes perfect sense that the more you sleep, the fewer calories you can consume. However, even those who control their diet may struggle to shed calories if they only sleep a fraction of the recommended time. Your metabolism works over time when you sleep: maintaining body temperature, repairing cells, and burning calories that are otherwise untouched if you are still awake.

Source: Reddit.

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