10 Underrated Foods You’re Not Making With Your Instant Pot

woman cooks Instant Pot

Instant Pot is one of the best kitchen machines to own. It cuts down your cooking time and is helpful for many different dishes.

Below we have shared ten excellent and drool-worthy recipes you can make in your Instant Pot.

10. Pork Chops and Potatoes

Instant Pot Pork Chops and Potatoes
Corrie Cooks

Contrary to common belief, you can make the best pork chops in your Instant Pot. It is one of the best comfort foods and gets ready within 15 minutes. Moreover, this recipe doesn't demand any extra ingredients. You might be able to find everything in your pantry. Get the recipe

9. Baked Ziti

Corrie Cooks

Yes, you can even make pasta in the Instant Pot! This pasta dish is quite different from the rest. For starters, it takes only 20 minutes to get ready. Besides, it has the perfect amount of cream and cheese to make you happy after a meal. Get the recipe

8. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake with one slice cut out topped with sugar powder on a blue plate
Corrie Cooks

Now, this might come as a surprise. You can make the softest and most moist cake in your Instant Pot. There are no complicated steps required here for you. Simply mix all the ingredients, pour the batter into the pot, and let this wonderful machine work its magic. Get the recipe

7. London Broil

Roasted London Broil cut on a black cutter board with kosher salt on top
Corrie Cooks

If you are a fan of beef, London Broil is an excellent recipe to meet your food cravings. You get the juiciest beef when you use your Instant Pot to make this recipe. Follow all steps as mentioned and serve your guests the ultimate treat. Get the recipe

6. Leftover Turkey Soup

Instant Pot Turkey Soup
Corrie Cooks

This soup is delicious, healthy, and wholesome. Moreover, it mostly uses your leftover turkey from the celebrations, ensuring you don't waste any food. Turkey soup makes a great dinner with vegetables such as carrots, onions, and celery. Get the recipe

5. Italian Wedding Soup

Clear soup filled with meatballs, carrot, spinach, celery and pasta noodles
Corrie Cooks

This is another soup that you must make in your Instant Pot. It has spinach and meatballs as its showstoppers and contains all the ingredients required to keep you full for a long duration. It takes 11 minutes to make in your pot, which is a good reason to try today. Get the recipe

4. French Toast

Instant Pot French Toast
Corrie Cooks

Are you craving sweet and soft french toast for breakfast? You can make them in your Instant Pot with very few ingredients. The results are fantastic, and you will be delighted to enjoy them with your family. Get the recipe

3. Egg Custard

Instant Pot Egg Custard
Corrie Cooks

Do you like custard? If so, this recipe will help you enjoy your favorite fruit with a thick, creamy custard. It can be made using an Instant Pot in less than 20 minutes and it has the perfect texture. Get the recipe

2. Peach Cobbler

peach cobbler in a plate with fork and whole peaches on side
Corrie Cooks

Peach is a seasonal fruit and can be used to make the best cobbler. This dessert tastes great with a scoop of ice cream or plain cream. Besides, making it in your Instant Pot is pretty convenient. So, if you have guests over and can't think of a dessert, this dessert option is worth trying. Get the recipe

1. Cinnamon Rolls

6 cinnamon rolls in a blue bowl topped with cinnamon and sugar
Corrie Cooks

Many people think that cinnamon rolls are tough to make. However, making these rolls is as easy as pie with an Instant Pot in your kitchen. If you haven't tried this dessert before, do it on our recommendation and thank us later. Get the recipe

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