10 Things Older People Wish They Could Experience Again But They Can't

Old man playing video games

Do you often catch yourself reminiscing about the good old days, wishing you could turn back time? Well, you're not alone. Here are ten obsolete things that members of an online community wish they could experience again. AUTHOR: Saad Muzaffar

1. Bands on a Budget

Old man shocked
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A $500 ticket to see your favorite band performing? Gone are the affordable days when attending concerts didn't cost an arm and a leg. A member mentions attending Jane's Addiction show in 1989 for only $8! Now who's "Been Caught Stealing?"

2. Arcade Memories: A Pixelated Past

Old man playing video games
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Ah - the sweet sound of quarters jingling as you walked into a video game arcade! For many older folks, this was the perfect hangout destination with their friends. From Pac-Man to Asteroids, these arcades had something for everyone. But, of course, today's vividly visual computer games can never match the simple retro experience!

3. Music-Television Nostalgia

Old man watching tv
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There was once a time when MTV truly stood for Music Television. One says there was something magical about staying up late to catch a video from your favorite musician; the joy of seeing the vivid visuals that brought the song to life was unparalleled.

Unfortunately, ever since reality shows have taken over, the channel is not the same anymore! You might call it, Ridiculousness.

4. Grown Up Too Fast

Old couple with baby
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Many members articulate missing the childhoods of their children. Nothing feels the same as having babies in their lap with their sweet and light voices before they learned about the world's harsh realities.

5. Lost Art of Durable Appliances

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An individual shares they miss good quality, long-lasting appliances. Sure, the countless features of today are unparalleled to any in the past, but the quality and longevity of products have fallen over time. Instead, we're left with a culture where everything is meant to be disposed of when the next model or trend comes along. Unsustainable for the planet and wallet alike!

6. Change Is The Only Constant

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Many members share that they miss life without hyper-ness: hyper fears, hyper rate of change, hyper accessibility, and hyper parenting. Sure, technology has brought forth many wonders, but it has taken away tranquility and the essence of living in the moment.

7. Kids Gone Wild

kids playing outside
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One person shared that their parents would lock them out of their house in the morning, and they would explore the forest and cycle with their friends until it was time to get back. Nowadays, children go from one planned activity to the next without freedom.

8. Digital Leash

Happy family
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A life full of engaging conversations where everyone isn't tethered to a device seems like a distant dream in today's world. Ironically, the internet was created to unite us, yet it's driving us further apart.

9. Vinyl Voyages

Mature collector chooses rare vintage vinyl audio recordings at a flea market.
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One user shares the memorable times he used to drive to a record store with a list of records to buy and a heart full of excitement. These stores carried a deep catalog of just about everything. With the staff knowing more about music than anyone and rare music playing in the background that one would have never heard on the radio, every visit was like an adventure.

10. The Queen of Rock

Rock bands
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There's just something about the old great rock bands that bring a twinkle to the eye of those who remember them. Whether it's The Rolling Stones or Queen, these bands had a unique charisma and energy that is irreplaceable.

This thread inspired the post.

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