10 Things Boomers Were Actually Right About


AUTHOR: Esther Kamau

Boomers are right about many things, but we don't like to acknowledge it because we think we're young and cool. Recently, an online forum member was curious about people's boomer opinions, so he asked for their contributions. Here are the best responses.

1. You're Not Entitled to an Instant Reply

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Just because I'm on my phone doesn't mean I should reply to your text immediately. Several thread contributors agree that messaging apps' "read" feature only creates unhealthy scenarios. The receiver is pressured to reply, and the sender has unhealthy expectations.

2. Electronics Have One Job

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Some electronics do not need the internet to function. An individual writes that they realized their mom's printer required to connect to the internet to scan things. They also needed to create an account. Such obstacles are absurd since they already paid for the device but cannot use it. It's a marketing strategy to sell things like overpriced ink.

3. Cellphone Addiction Is a Problem

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How many times have you checked your phone today? Another observes that the number of times people use their phones today is alarming. It's insane that someone would get upset because their partner hasn't texted them back for some hours or hasn't liked their photo.

4. There Are Too Many Subscriptions

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Access to unlimited TV is nice, but one notes that they only watch the same show repeatedly. They would save so much if they bought box sets of their favorite shows instead of paying for a Hulu subscription. The curated shows they send every month is also unnecessary.

5. Nothing Is Durable Anymore

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According to many, manufacturers of today do not make durable items. Almost everything lasts a year, after which you'll need to buy a replacement. This trend is worse with clothes and kids' toys.

Kids will never learn the importance of caring for their toys as they always get a replacement. They add that originally, jeans became popular due to their durability and affordability. But, you'd have to dig deeper into your pocket to get quality jeans in today's market.

6. Social Media Was a Mistake

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Social media is turning generations into narcissists. Many concur that it's one of the most damaging things that ever happened to the world. It has created a culture of self-importance, disingenuousness, and chaos.

7. People Have Become Frivolous Spenders

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The internet is pushing the "you only live once" narrative, but that does not mean you shouldn't save for the future. A person explains that a friend constantly treats themselves whenever they're stressed.

They don't realize that their empty bank account is a huge stressor, so they're stuck on this cycle of being angry when they're broke and spending the little they have to feel better. It's tiring to be around them.

8. Music Is Worse

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One states that most modern music is soulless and well-organized buzzword soup. Artists no longer sing about real issues like loss, love, hardship, and introspection.

9. Today's Parents Are Overprotective

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After growing up under a helicopter parent, a parent discloses that they're trying to do differently by their kids. They want their kids to learn independence and not panic when they get a flat tire on the highway at eighteen years. Overprotective parents only raise anxious adults with zero confidence in their abilities.

10. iPad Parenting Is Lazy Parenting

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Finally, somebody remarks that it's sad to see kids on iPads most time. They think it's reasonable for long car trips or special occasions, but too much is lazy parenting. Parents use digital media to calm their kids, thus neglecting important interactions like conversing with them. Children need to interact with their environment.

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