10 Superfoods That Prevent Hair Loss


Hair loss can be a tough issue, but what if some foods could help turn the tables? Your diet can actually play a huge role in the health of your hair. Foods like edamame, packed with protein, and pumpkin, full of vitamins, can help nourish those locks. Here are 10 foods that may encourage hair growth and make you feel more confident.

AUTHOR: Gabrielle Reeder

1. Edamame

Edamame beans in bowl on light background. Close up view
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Edamame boasts an abundance of Phytoestrogen genistein, a compound that fights alopecia and nurtures hair growth. Also, these soybeans have an evergrowing amount of the amino acids needed to make up new hair cells.

2. Eggs

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Eggs come with high-protein content and biotin, strengthening and nurturing hair growth. Hair follicles are primarily made up of protein follicles, so consuming extra protein latches onto the follicles and sprouts hair. Biotin is needed to produce keratin, the outer protein layer in hair, nails, and skin.

3. Spinach

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Although spinach didn't do much for the bald sailor, Popeye, the cruciferous vegetable, supplies iron into your bloodstream, transporting oxygen and assisting in moisturizing your roots.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
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Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which the body transforms into Vitamin A, a vitamin needed for healthy hair maintenance. Vitamin A also creates sebum, an oil the body needs to lubricate the hair.

5. Pumpkin

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Pumpkin serves more benefits than being a tasty treat during spooky season or flavoring your favorite coffee. The superfood contains beta-carotene, like sweet potatoes, which the body ingests and transforms into vitamin A. Vitamin A catalyzes sebum production, invigorating hair and furthering hair growth.

6. Walnuts

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Most nuts carry essential nutrients for hair growth, but walnuts are slightly superior to other nuts. In addition to holding Vitamin E and omega fats that both replenish dry hair, walnuts also encompass selenium, contributing to hair growth and creating new hair follicles.

7. Avocados

Avocado Toast
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Here we have the green superfood, which goes bad as quickly as a 90s sitcom. If you catch an avocado before it spoils, you'll find a calorie-dense fruit that strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss. Hair loss can be a side effect of caloric deficits; therefore, thanks to the high-calorie content in avocados, the fruit has the necessary fats to keep that head of hair healthy.

8. Beets

Beetroot, Dinner Beet or Sugar Beet in Indian Vegetables Market for Selling at Morning
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You beat me to it. The dark-red fruit, or a beet, comes loaded with nitrates, speeding up oxygen distribution everywhere in the body, including the hair follicles. The oxidation feeds the hair follicles and contributes to growth.

9. Oysters

woman eating fresh oyster in seafood mediterranean restaurant
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If you're a fan of the slimy sea superfood, you're in luck! Oysters are a fabulous iron and zinc resource. While iron keeps your bones strong, zinc helps maintain hair health. If you experience a zinc deficiency, you may encounter hair loss.

10. Seaweed

Sweet and Salty Roasted Dried Seaweed, Healthy Snack or Korean Side Dish
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This marine superfood stimulates and expedites hair growth. Seaweed contains Vitamin A, Zinc, and Omega acids which all promote and protect healthy hair growth.

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