10 Small Things That Are Super Annoying 

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AUTHOR: Daisy Frisch

We all have pet peeves: things that might seem minor to others but grind our gears. Some things are only slightly bothersome but make me way more frustrated than they should. During an online discussion, people listed such occurrences. Do you agree that these disruptions cause more stress than they should?

1. Forgetting to Plug Your Phone In

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Have you ever thought you plugged your phone in, only to find that the charger wasn’t connected? Or perhaps you wake up in the morning and wonder why your alarm didn’t go off, only to find that your phone is dead? Maybe it’s time to return to a battery-operated, digital alarm clock.

2. Problems With Self-Checkouts

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Although self-checkout has made many people’s lives easier, there’s been a lot of discourse about having to “do the work of a cashier.” This comes up more often when the self-checkout systems have issues, such as not recognizing your groceries or making you re-scan items. Usually, there will be persistent issues, leading to a cashier needing to come over and help you anyway.

3. Getting Caught on a Door Handle

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Leaving the house in a rush or trying to squeeze by someone in a doorway can lead to a sleeve, hood, or even your headphone wires being tangled up on a door handle. One user mentioned how this would always happen to their husband in their old house due to the height of the door handles. In their new home, this is happening to them instead “because the handles are at my pockets’ height instead of his,” they explained.

4. Having to Watch Ads on Streaming Video

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Back in the days of cable television, advertisements were a normal, expected part of the TV-watching process. In fact, my family would time using the restroom or grabbing a snack for commercial breaks. Most of us are so impatient to get back to our regularly scheduled programming that we can’t sit through a three or five-second commercial.

5. Slow Walkers Who Stop in Front of You

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If you’ve ever been walking behind someone who strolls or stops suddenly in front of you, then you know how annoying this is. One user specified how difficult going to the grocery store is with people not being mindful: “No one has any peripheral vision and has the same thousand-yard stare standing in the middle of the aisle trying to pick out what cereal they want.”

6. Being Too Polite While Driving

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While offering someone a chance to sneak out of a driveway in heavy traffic is nice, letting someone go first isn’t always the polite gesture they think it is. One commenter specified that it’s incredibly frustrating when drivers do not take their turn when they have the right of way at a four-way stop. Another said, “When driving, don’t be polite, be predictable.”

7. Switching Checkout Lines to the Slow One

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Most people try to find the quickest line during a hectic shopping trip. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out when one cashier next to you is very fast at their job or when the person in front of you has 200 items to scan. A person in the comments stated, “I always get in the line where someone wants to pay in change, needs to cash a check, or doesn’t know how to use a card reader. Every. Time.”

8. Drivers Who Cut You Off and Go Slow

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An unsurprising number of people mentioned that it's infuriating when drivers cut you off in traffic and proceed to go slow. Multiple users said the same when people merge onto the highway, causing you to slow down because they don’t know how to speed up properly.

9. People Who Watch Videos Without Headphones

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Leaving your headphones at home can be frustrating, but can we normalize not watching videos in public without headphones? One person specified that phone games with the sound on are particularly annoying, while another said they can do without hearing the TikTok videos another person is watching.

10. People Who Chew with Their Mouth Open

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One person specified that watching someone talk with food in their mouth disgusts them. Another said that people who chew loudly and/or with their mouths open should get sent away. Perhaps the most dramatic comment was about gum chewers, and they said, “Gum should not be allowed.”

Source: Reddit.

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