10 Real People's Weight Loss Hacks That Truly Work

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AUTHOR: Sam Mire. Are you tired of sifting through countless weight loss methods that promise incredible results but fail to deliver? Look no further!

In this article, we unveil the tried-and-true weight loss strategies that have genuinely transformed the lives of real people...

1. Limiting Portion Sizes

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The United States long ago rebranded as USA XXL. The love of all things massive extends to our plates, which in turn extends to our waistlines. So, while reducing portion sizes can shock the American psyche, it's perhaps the most accurate way to hit your weight-loss goals.

Heck, even salad will cause you to gain weight if you eat too much of it. Though there are exceptions, the weight-loss secret is no secret at all: eat less, weigh less.

2. Keeping a Food Log

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There's a reason why accountants write everything down in meticulous ledgers. You cannot be accountable if you don't keep track. Many of those who consistently feel healthy keep a thorough accounting of what they eat and when they eat it.

Now, you can keep track of the two pizzas and three milkshakes you ate last night and not lose weight. Still, creating a food ledger will help serious weight-loss warriors hold themselves accountable.

3. Getting an Air Fryer

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An air fryer is a versatile cooking device with many potential health benefits. You can fry foods with a fraction of the oil and grease. You can prepare food easily, making cooking easy at home (rather than eating unhealthy take-out). An air fryer has helped more people lose weight than Richard Simmons.

4. Eliminating Snacking

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Those disciplined enough to eat only at mealtime have the best shot at losing weight. It's the inter-meal snacking—intermittent snacking, if you will—that dooms so many Americans' best dietary intentions.

5. Getting a Bike

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Live in a city? Try biking to work. Live in the burbs or the country? Get a bike for fun, low-impact exercise. Either way, get a bike.

6. Keto

Woman following keto diet.
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The Ketogenic Diet, known casually as "keto," flips the food pyramid on its head. The name of the game is reducing carbohydrate and sugar intake. The body converts digestible carbohydrates into sugar, so keto is about limiting sugar intake.

Unsurprisingly, limiting sugar can contribute to weight loss and broader health goals. The question is sustainability. Can you overcome your cravings for pizza, steak sandwiches, and even fresh fruit? If so, keto is an option to consider, but it's not a long-term solution.

7. Intermittent Fasting

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The idea behind intermittent fasting is that when you're not constantly stuffing yourself with food, your body will access your existing fat stores to sustain itself. Many reputable dieticians swear by intermittent fasting, and the concept makes sense on its face.

8. Carnivore Diet

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One proponent of a diet comprised only of animal-derived products admits that what worked for them may not work for you. However, they said this diet, which is the inverse of veganism, allowed them to remain full for extended periods.

If you have ethical concerns or health conditions that make the carnivore diet unsafe, obviously disregard this entry. However, there are plenty of people who swear by the carnivore diet.

9. Quitting the Sauce

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For some reason, our body tends to think of food as the primary source of weight gain. Yet, consuming high-calorie alcohol, including beer, is a surefire way to stay out of shape. On the other hand, simply reducing or eliminating your alcohol consumption could produce positive health outcomes.

10. Gastric Bypass Surgery

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This is not an endorsement of gastric bypass procedures. You must speak with your doctor before making such a significant choice. However, one person who had doctors rearrange their gastrointestinal system notes that they "Tried for thirty years to lose weight but ultimately admitted I can't properly self-regulate and needed the help."

This thread inspired this post.

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