10 Most Difficult Aspects About Being a Man in Today’s World

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While being a man has privileges, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. An online community of men shares the burden they must shoulder simply because of their gender identity. For the men out there who struggle to be seen and acknowledged, this one’s for you. AUTHOR: Saad Muzaffar

1. Tough Guys Cry Too: Enshrouded Emotions

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Numerous members share how there is no space for them to be vulnerable. They get ignored or laughed at even when they try to express their feelings.

2. Boys Will Be Boys

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As a man, you may have a grown-up body, but there’s still an adventurous little boy hiding in you. With all the burdens and responsibilities of manhood, many feel that their curious spirit is shunned in the process.

3. Man Down: Keeping It Together

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The pressure of being on top of things is exhausting. With failure not being an option and vulnerability being a weakness, several men feel drained. As one person aptly references Mulan, maybe men don’t feel like being as "swift as a coursing river" at all times.

4. Hair, Hair, Everywhere

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Men of the forum share how body hair spurts are not an exciting way to grow old. While they would wish for functional knees, their aging body just rewards them with hair strands growing out of the ears.

5. “Watch Out! Local Man Spotted Playing Catch With Kids!”

Old man with daughter
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I have lost count of how many share their fear of being around children due to the negative stigma of being perceived as dangerous. It’s absurd to the point that one father had to clarify that the child he was with was his daughter, only to avoid a stranger’s interrogation.

6. Always a Dad, Never a Parent

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A father is just as much of a parent as a mother is. However, several dads share the remarks they get to hear regarding their role as a parent.

For instance, taking care of their children often gets labeled as babysitting instead of parenting. One father shares how others think he doesn’t know what he is doing even though he changed as many diapers as the mom. Let’s save the hate for parents who are actually horrible!

7. A Man of Steel Can Still Feel

Man stressed
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Countless men admit to feeling lonely with all the suppression of one’s emotions and no shoulder to cry on. Unsurprisingly, this takes a toll on one’s mental health and overall well-being.

8. A Case of Receding Hairlines and Hopes

Bald Man
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Pattern baldness among men is a real problem. One person shares that they’re confronted with the dilemma of letting their hair be or getting a buzzcut.

9. To Ask Out, or Not To Ask Out, That Is the Question

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It seems that men don’t have it easy in the dating circle either. The expectation of being the one who makes the first move does not settle well with many. Not following the norm would get them labeled as a loser.

10. Not Enough Hugs

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Finally, several men share how they would be going through the most challenging times, yet their peers won’t hug them. One person shared how he just wanted a hug and a listening ear after his mom's passing. His wife’s friends would offer support but not the male friends. Come on, guys. A little hug never killed anybody!

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