10 Foods You Should Not Order on a First Date

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AUTHOR: Sam Mire. When it comes to first dates, the pressure is on to make a good impression. From choosing the perfect outfit to selecting the right conversation topics, there are many factors to consider.

To help you avoid any potential pitfalls, we've put together a list of the 10 worst foods you could possibly ever order on a first date.

1. The Most Expensive Item

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This isn't a dish. It's an unforgivable act. Assuming that the other person is paying for dinner, ordering the most expensive item on the menu is a faux pas from which only some can rebound. You better have one heck of a personality, or some other assets, if you have the cajones to order top-shelf menu items.

Whether it's a century-old bottle of wine, wagyu steak, or another item you'd never order on your own dime, the most expensive item is never the one to order on a first date.

2. Garlic-Heavy Dishes

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A hint of garlic gives many dishes their trademark tastes. Some dishes are more garlic heavy than others, though. In addition, some foods include "garlic, " such as garlic mashed potatoes and garlic shrimp pasta.

Avoid these garlic-loaded dishes on first dates like your name is Dracula. Once you're going steady with your partner, you can indulge your love for garlic mashed potatoes.

3. Ribs

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A rack of ribs slathered in sweet barbecue sauce hits the soul in a special kind of way. However, nothing about devouring ribs on a bone screams "dignity" or "class."

I'm no snob; there's nothing like crushing a slab of ribs with someone you love. However, when making a first impression, keep potentially sticky variables to a minimum and avoid the local BBQ joint altogether.

4. Beans

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Beans, beans, the magical fruit; the more you eat, the greater your chances of ruining your first date. You might have the healthiest gastrointestinal function in the state. It doesn't matter. Eating beans is an unnecessary risk on any first date.

5. Hot Wings

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Hot chicken wings check virtually every box on the list of reasons not to eat certain foods on a first date. Wings are messy, require you to go tooth-to-bone, and present a high food-stuck-in-the-teeth risk.

If you're inclined to impress, you might even consider placing an extra spicy wing order. Unfortunately, this is an error in judgment of the highest order, potentially leading you to cry on your first date. No matter how you try to spin it, if you cry on the first date, you've cried on the last date. It's over buster.

6. Spaghetti

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Whether it's spaghetti, linguine, angel hair, or any other long, tubular pasta, you must be ready for splatter. You must also be prepared to look less than cool as you suck, shovel, and complete other unspeakable acts to get the pasta into your mouth. Only the supremely confident dater should consider problematic pasta on the first date.

7. Onion-Heavy Dishes

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Onions, like garlic, are undeniable taste enhancers. Also, like garlic, dishes heavy on onions make you utterly un-kissable. Even worse, your breath might become so strong following onion consumption that basic conversation becomes unbearable for your date.

8. Hot Dogs

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Hot dogs should only be in the picture if you're at the ballpark for your first date. Not only are hot dogs among the cheapest foods you can call a meal, but some people's manner of eating hot dogs is...unorthodox. If you want to avoid judgment, skip the dogs on the first date.

9. Tacos

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Even if it's Taco Tuesday, it doesn't have to be Taco-For-You-sday. Tacos can be messy, smelly, and heavy. Delicious, yes. But also those other things.

10. Indian Food

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Shrimp vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, naan, and other Indian cuisine rank among the most flavorful dishes you can get in America. However, Indian chefs are known for their reliance on spices. If you've ever seen Along Came Polly, you know that eating Indian on a first date is a gamble not worth taking.

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