10 Foods That Split the Us Apart: Loved by Many, Hated by Many

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Get ready for an exciting exploration of diverse food preferences. Join us as we delve into 10 foods that ignite strong opinions, dividing people's tastes. Discover the love-hate relationship these flavors inspire and delve into the fascinating world of differing culinary experiences. AUTHOR: Tessa Smith


1. Avocado 

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Everywhere you turn now, there are avocados. These fruits (yes, they are fruits) are popping up everywhere in burgers, sandwiches, and even pasta dishes.

One person claims that avocados are sneaking into everything now. "My burger doesn't need a weird grassy flavor added to it, thank you," they claim, and I tend to agree.

Another adds that their friends eat avocados by themselves and won't stop picking on them for not liking them. "It's annoying when they act shocked and weirded out when I tell them I don't like avocados or guacamole; it's not my fault. I just don't like it."

An individual said it best, "Tastes bland and oily and feels like baby food in your mouth." That said, several think that when they are made into guacamole, they are tolerable.

2. Peas

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Sticking with green food items, let's talk about peas. My mother used to try to sneak them into many of my meals, but the texture always threw me off. Several people claim they used peas as a way of faking. They were sick.

One person states that they would put peas in the toilet when their mom tried to force them to eat them. A response was even funnier, "I put a massive spoonful of peas in my mouth, chewed them up, then ran to the bathroom and spat them out to make it look like I threw up."

In an interesting turn of events, some users explain that they can't stand canned or frozen peas but that fresh peas are easier to swallow (although not incredibly delicious). 

3. Eggs

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We know there is a market for eggs (have you seen the cost of a dozen eggs recently?), but some people just cannot stand them.

What is it about eggs that turn these people off? Well, most of them seem to agree that eating something related to the reproduction of animals is "repulsive." One person states that they hate eggs but that for health reasons, they force them down several times a week.

The consensus is that eggs' smell, flavor, and texture make them food to be avoided. One person goes so far as to say, "I hate when every breakfast menu item includes them! I always have to order a la carte!"

4. Liver

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You might think that the liver is a food most people will despise. However, the number of comments that say how delicious it is is quite surprising. Of course, there are a fair amount who hate liver as well.

One user suggests that the best way to eat it is "marinated in buttermilk then fried," I have to agree with this response from another person, "Wouldn't a shoe sole taste good if it was marinated in buttermilk and fried, though?"

5. Fruit Pies

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A good fruit pie is one of the best desserts in the world, especially during Thanksgiving. However, some people cannot stand the thought of mushed-up fruit stuck in baked dough.

While few agree with the person who first mentioned it, several say they prefer a pumpkin or sweet potato pie over a cherry or apple. One person claims that fruit pies aren't offensively bad but aren't particularly enjoyable either.

"Any fruity dessert is a waste." One added, "So gross, so tart, weird texture, just no."

6. Boba 

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Another food that is rising in popularity is boba. Boba restaurants are popping everywhere, but some cannot stomach the little balls that many will pay top dollar for.

One agrees with the original poster by explaining why boba drinks gross them out. "With you on this dude. I don't want to chew my beverage." Others admit that this is precisely why they like boba. They don't mind chewing their drinks at all. 

7. Mayonnaise

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Now, I can agree with my entire being – mayonnaise is gross. I don't like it on anything, and yes, I would prefer a dry sandwich over one slathered in the stuff.

People seem split on this one, with several agreeing they only use it lightly when making tuna or chicken salad. Someone suggests an alternative for these types of sandwiches, "I use mustard instead. Won't touch mayonnaise!"

Another response jokes that mayonnaise has nothing going for it, "It has the worst taste, smell, and texture and is unhealthy too."

8. Olives

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Surprisingly, olives sparked a debate considering several different kinds of olives exist. A response explains that black olives are passable in the right context but that "green olives are absolutely disgusting under every circumstance."

Stuffed olives seem to be a bit more agreeable, as well as olives in a dry martini. However, black olives are accepted to be the worst. Someone even goes so far as to call them "orca skin."

One embraces that they are wrong about olives but still confesses that they love them. "I'm one sick individual, and I accept this. Since I had my first child, green olives have been my go-to night snack. I will eat a medium-sized jar in one sitting." Others agree that olives are an acquired taste.

9. Kale

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Another health craze is eating kale. There are all types of kale, even kale chips. However, something about making a lettuce alternative into a snack doesn't sit well with most people.

One commenter claims that people who say they love kale are lying. "They believe they should like kale. They know it's good for them, so they want to eat and enjoy it. But they don't. It's gross. Nobody likes it."

Several users suggest ways to cook it to make it enjoyable, including softening it to remove the bitterness. Another claims it is the most tolerable of all leafy greens.

One wife doesn't appreciate what her spouse does, explaining, "Hubby grows it in the garden and tries to sneak it in our food."

10. Nutella

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Nutella is all the rage right now. It is being advertised as an alternative to peanut butter, but one points out, "Nutella on toast isn't breakfast. It's dessert. A reverse Reese's."

Another mentions that they saw grilled cheese with Nutella, and from that moment on, they couldn't stomach it anymore.

A third explains that they were allergic to tree nuts and were always so disappointed they couldn't try Nutella. Finally, one day they found out they were no longer allergic, but when they tried Nutella, it was underwhelming and tasted like chocolate paste.

Finally, one claims that there is one okay way to enjoy it by stating that strawberry and Nutella pancakes are tolerable.

This thread inspired this post.

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