10 Dumbest Things People Do Because They Heard It Was Good for You

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AUTHOR: Saad Muzaffar

Do you often catch yourself blindly following health advice without questioning its validity? You're not alone! Get ready to laugh, cringe and maybe even facepalm as we dive into ten of the dumbest things members of an online community admit doing because they heard it was good for them.

1. Genius Brush Stroke

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One member shares that brushing their teeth with their non-dominant hand improves their brain function and coordination skills. But the truth is, there is no scientific evidence that proves this. So unless you want to be a professional ambidextrous tooth-brusher, this regime has no benefit.

2. The Degree Dilemma

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Many share that they went to college only because they heard it would give them success in earning in the long run. Turns out, they feel the stress and efforts were not worth it and feel they'd be better off in the skilled trades. Does anyone have a spare welding mask?

3. Microwave Myths

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One user says that she stands far away from a microwave because, as a kid, she heard it wasn't good for her. The source? Can't remember. However, there are conflicting statements when venturing to Google on this one.

4. Moonwalking Through Life

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Have you ever heard of someone who walks backward at night to avoid bad luck? Well, one member swears by this habit! According to them, it wards off negative energy and potential mishaps. Can only imagine how challenging it must be to navigate from the hallway to the bathroom, but you gotta do anything for good luck, right?

5. Sleeping Beauty

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An individual was so convinced sleeping without a pillow would give her a sharp jawline that she spent a whole year without one! Talk about sheer dedication to beauty. Turns out, the only thing she got out of it was a crick in the neck and a deep appreciation for fluffiness.

6. Cool as a Cucumber

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Talking about beauty, here's another questionable beauty hack for you: one member shares that to get rid of puffiness, she immerses her entire face in ice-cold water every morning like she's trying to retrieve the Holy Grail. And apparently, it gives her the results. Who needs a skincare routine when you can stick your face in a bowl?

7. The Search for Love

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Cooking! A necessary skill all must possess to feed themselves - or in this person's case, to find a husband. A member says she learned how to cook — well —  in hopes of finding a 'wonderful man' on her grandmother's advice. Looks like someone took "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach" a bit too seriously.

8. The Burrito Wrap

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Wrapping your whole body up with plastic wrap to lose fat overnight? Add that to the top of the list of weight loss shams. The only thing you'll lose is the money you spend on the cling film!

9. Hoping on Hoops

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The lengths one would go to for just a few extra inches. It's no secret that being tall has advantages, but playing basketball every day in hopes of getting taller? That's some serious dedication. Who knows, all that dunking and jumping might lead to a growth spurt.

10. The Left Side Lie

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One avoided sleeping on her left side for most of her childhood. And why? Because some sitcom characters - whose medical qualifications are questionable, at best - said it was not good for the heart. Ah - the power of TV! Have you done any of these things, or do you have anything to add to this list?

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