10 Dumb Things Men Think Make Them Look Like a 'Real Man'

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AUTHOR: Esther Kamau

Let's be real, the idea of what it means to be a "man" can sometimes get a little silly. Some guys think that certain things or behaviors make them more manly, even when it doesn't make much sense. This list is all about those weird and funny things that some men strangely connect with being manly.

1. Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient Sleep
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It seems like the measure of masculinity depends on how many hard things you can persevere. For example, a man writes that, at times, he has sleeping problems, so he ends up staring at the ceiling for five hours instead of sleeping. When he tells others he may seem a little off because he did not sleep enough, a guy always calls him names. It turns out guys should only stay up late to play video games.

2. Not Having a Skincare Routine

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Skincare is slowly gaining popularity among men, but an esthetician says they're frightened at how many men don't care for their skin. They think washing your face and wearing sunscreen is feminine.

3. Hating Sugar

man drinking black coffee
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Drinking black coffee to appear masculine is the epitome of toxic masculinity. A respondent states that it's ridiculous that not enjoying things, in general, is a masculine thing. They knew a guy who wouldn't add cream or sugar to his coffee since he considered it "girly." Most guys enjoy sweet drinks like a cosmopolitan but still see it as a "girls" cocktail.

4. Being Emotionless

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Most men think they control their emotions, and it's cute to watch. One user shares that most men believe pride, lust, anger, and other emotions society encourages them to display are not emotions. They add that a look through human history shows how men did foolish things because of petty emotional reasons. Just like women, men act out of emotions.

5. Being Deadbeat Dads and Partners

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A woman explains how her husband carries his weight around the household. He cooks, cleans, and chauffeurs the kids since they both work full times jobs. Her husband receives a lot of unkind comments, and it's the weirdest thing.

They imply that he's some sort of a pushover for doing half of the household responsibilities. A real man would sit around while the wife does all the household chores. She thinks this is absurd, as do many others in the forum.

6. Sports

Man watching tv
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How many men genuinely enjoy watching sports? A man replies that while he enjoys doing many dude things, he doesn't care about football. He mentions that he's been treated differently because of this, and it's extremely weird.

7. Not Seeking Medical Attention

Man not well
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Just because you're a man doesn't mean you can walk off a disease. Another guy confesses that he's found himself having this mentality and only recently started noticing how it's affecting his long-term health.

8. Bottling up Emotions

Man emotionally not well
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The worst way to deal with emotions is to bottle them up. A gent narrates how he was stone-faced for thirty years and how it weighed heavy on him. For the past twenty years, he's been learning to be emotionally available and discuss his feelings. His wife loves him more for it.

9. Making Lots of Money

Man with money
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I do not envy the pressure men are under to appear successful. Somebody's girlfriend notes that when her boyfriend had a FaceTime call with his long-lost friends, they first discussed their jobs, the money they make, their cars, and their rent.

10. The Pets They Like

Man with cat
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Finally, a commenter writes that she has seen men being okay with having big dogs that they can wrestle with but are not affectionate to them. Most men can never get a cat as a pet. Her dad took time daily to tell her how much he hated her cat. At night, her cat would curl up on his belly, and he'd pet her.

She and her partner have two cats, but he refuses to show them any affection unless they're alone. This behavior drives her insane. What other behaviors are ridiculously associated with masculinity?

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