10 Disgusting Foods That People Only Pretend to Enjoy


AUTHOR: Dolores Quintana

Are you tired of pretending to enjoy certain foods just because it's socially acceptable or you want to fit in? It's time to face the truth about some of the most gross foods that people claim to like.

In this post, we will explore the 10 gross foods that people pretend to enjoy, the reasons behind their popularity, and the cultural significance of these dishes.

1. Fondant, My Darling

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What is fondant? I'm still trying to figure that out. But a contributor to this thread on a notorious Internet forum, which has an entire section devoted to people who hate fondant, complained about the popularity of fondant on wedding cakes.

Commercial fondant is one of the sweetest things you will ever taste and has the consistency of an eraser. In case you have never bitten into an eraser, it's a very chewy and somewhat distressing texture with a lack of flavor other than a flood of artificial vanilla.

Users pointed out fondant is usually a disguise for a cake maker who lacks the skill to craft a great-looking cake from the traditional buttercream frosting, which takes a lot of work and isn't easy. Bakers who work with buttercream often use flowers and fruit to add to the beauty of their cakes, along with intricate piping work.

Why are so many cakes covered in fondant? It might be related to the cost ratio of handcrafting cake decorations. Why does everyone still eat them? It's a mystery.

2. Go To The Circus, and You'll Find Peanuts

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Circus Peanuts are a strange candy that no one we know seems to like, yet, here we are. Circus peanut haters were all over this topic and stated that people could not enjoy this candy. That can't be true because the same hater admitted to once calling them his favorite candy that he would take from others because he couldn't get enough of these fake peanuts.

The wool was pulled from his eyes when he went for three years without eating a single imitation peanut. Then when he ate one again, he finally noticed the disgustingly sweet taste, the stale texture, and the artificiality of the honey flavoring. After that, he could never stand to eat another Circus Peanut again.

3. So Many Hops

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If you thought we were going to leave beverages off of this list, you were mistaken. Beer is a favorite drink of most of the globe, yet, hoppy IPAs have a terrible reputation. Is it deserved?

This forum member seemed to think so, and they spoke up against the bitter beverage. People do like bitter beers and witness the popularity of sour beers, but the lengths to which some brewers go to make a brew so acrid by adding so many hops make you question why you like beer in the first place.

One compared the taste of highly hoppy IPAs to earwax and stated that the aim of these overenthusiastic brewers seemed to be to make the most unappealing beers possible.

Some may not realize that beer does have flavor, but the point here is that there's a difference between flavor and having a beer "punch you in the face." Brewing companies have finally made quadruple IPAs, and you have to wonder if they do that just because they can or if they genuinely believe that it's a good beer.

4. Lute-Fisk!

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The traditional dish Lutefisk torments one contributor to the forum every Christmas. It fills him with terror when the holiday approaches. According to the experts, Lutefisk is a Norwegian dish that resembles cold fish jello. So you can see why someone might be unnerved.

A full-blooded Norwegian testified that every Christmas, he is confronted with the spectacle of his relatives choking down Lutefisk at the table and making a show of enjoying it simply because that's what a real Norwegian would do.

It is something they feel that their identity and culture demand of them. He served the Lutefisk, so he looked at the reactions while everyone was chowing down and was disappointed. He called the dish "awful in every regard."

5. More Disturbing Norse Cuisine

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While a Norwegian forum member attempted to explain the exotic dishes served during Norse holidays, another commenter announced that their comment was the epitome of the whole debate, perhaps even more than the dreaded Lutefisk.

In Icelandic cuisine, Hákarl is a fermented shark traditionally served during the coldest winter. Chef and writer Anthony Bourdain tasted it and called it "the single worst, most disgusting, and terrible tasting thing" he had ever eaten. Of course, considering some of the meals Bourdain ate around the world, that's saying something. 

Hákarl is part of the þorramatur or foods eaten during the Þorri, a Norse calendar month analogous to January and February. Because the winter months were the toughest in that cold climate, meats like fermented shark, soured ram balls, soured whale, boiled sheep heads, and head cheese were preserved for that time period because of the lack of fresh meat available.

Many cultures worldwide have been forced to make do with what they had during hard times; it seems that the Icelandic people are no different, but they still eat these meals, so it would seem that the tradition is still strong. 

A waggish user responded to this explanation by saying, "In other words, you're implying it is a food that most people only pretend to like. So I think this one wins the thread!"

6. Chitter Chatter

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What are chitterlings, and WHAT'S THAT SMELL? A short but pungent debate occurred over Chitterlings or chitlins among this vast and fabled thread. First, a person brought up the chitterlings' unique aroma, saying that chitterlings have a smell that gets into your soul.

Then, another trekked over to Wikipedia for an explanation of what chitlins were and announced that today was the day they learned that chitlins are chitterlings. The user then looked up the definition of chitterlings only to say, "Oh, I see. They are large hog intestines."

To give you an idea of why people react so strongly to chitterlings' aroma, one forum member described the smell of the dish as a toilet explosion.

8. Why So Salty?

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Is it possible that no one likes caviar because, like Lutefisk, it is cold fish jelly? This may be true. The possibility exists that people only act as if they enjoy it because it is expensive and fancy. A droll commenter said you should not eat caviar with metal utensils. The reason?

Touching caviar with metal can cause it to oxidize, and it will taste like metal. Imagine spending all that money, and your cold fish jelly tastes like you licked the hood of your car—such a bummer.

9. Balm and Bitterness

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Karela bhaji is an Indian dish from the state of Maharashtra. It's made principally of a bitter gourd and fresh Fenugreek. You would be correct if you guessed that this is a potently acrid dish.

While describing the taste of the meal, one user stated that his father and grandfather grew up eating Karlyachi bhaji, so you would think their fondness for it would run in the family, but it doesn't.

He declared that he could swallow more than a mouthful. The bitterness of the dish is so intense that it can't be lessened by eating it with yogurt, rice, or chapati. He described the taste as eating okra that was first dipped into hops. 

10. Do You Want Some Sugar With Your Grapefruit?

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Grapefruit is controversial fruit. Some people love it, and some swear it gives them chills and an eye tic. This commenter casts a stink eye at those who claim to love grapefruit. He questions their motives and methods.

This thread brought you this post.

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