10 Big Party Killers You Need to Watch Out for

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AUTHOR: Tessa Smith

We have all been there. You are enjoying a party with your friends, and something kills the mood. The music stops, and everyone quits talking -- just like in the movies. According to a popular internet forum, here's a list of ten big things that will instantly kill the party's vibe.

1. Turning The Music Off

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One of the biggest vibe killers is turning the music off. Even with many guests having their own conversations, the music is there for others to dance to and for background noise. When it suddenly goes off, it feels like party time is over. One forum member recalls working at a bowling alley, and to get people to leave when cosmic bowling ended, they would turn the music off. "The vibe kill was instantaneous," they confess.

2. Aggressive Guests

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Everyone has been to a party where someone has had too much, and they start arguing with anyone who will listen to them. Aggressive guests are people others do not want to be around, so often, the party will clear out once someone goes too far.

3. The Crying Girl

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One responder claims, "There is always that one girl crying, and no one knows why," which many people agreed wholeheartedly. Crying is a buzzkill anyways, but when she takes over the bathroom with her friends so they can console her, it's time to leave and go elsewhere.

4. MLM Sales Pitch

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This happens far more than you might think. Many people revealed stories of being invited to parties. Once they arrived, they were pitched sales like a business meeting. Multi-level Marketing can range from things like Amway to jewelry sales, and there is no place for it at a party.

5. Run Out Of Drinks

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When the drinks stop flowing, it is time to head home -- or to another party. It usually indicates that all had a good time, but the night has ended.

6. A Fight

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This vibe killer goes hand in hand with aggressive guests, but if a line is crossed and a fight starts, other partygoers will want to get out of there. Both physical fights and screaming matches will kill a party's vibe. If said guests are not sent packing, the rest will likely head out on their own.

7. Police Showing Up


Even during completely legal parties, police showing up will kill the vibe. Neighbors could easily call in a noise complaint and force your party to end much sooner than you planned on it ending.

8. Playing "Funny" Videos

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Cell phones are a great invention that allows us to connect with others constantly and have the internet at our fingertips. But this is not always a good thing. If someone at a party decides to pull out their phone and start showing videos they find to be funny, or worse casting them to the television, that is an indication that it is time to go.

9. Young Kids

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Once you hit the age where your friends have children, you run the risk of them bringing their young kids along to get together. Several commenters say that this happens far more often than it should. When little ones are around, it is hard to let loose.

You will constantly feel like you are watching your mouth so that you don't cuss around them, and you will also be holding back the stories you were looking forward to telling. So if you have kids, maybe get a babysitter instead of bringing them along.

10. Party Crashers

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People that show up but are not invited and do not even know the host always feel like they can go a little wilder. It isn't their house or friends, so why not go completely crazy? They also often cause those who know the host to head home early.

This thread inspired this post.

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