10 Best Vegan Cooking Shows

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Who says vegan cooking has to be boring? There's a whole world of delicious plant-based dishes waiting to be explored, and what better way to dive in than through cooking shows? These shows are packed with flavor, creativity, and, best of all, no animal products.

From quick weeknight dinners to gourmet creations, here are 10 vegetarian cooking shows that'll keep you entertained and inspired in the kitchen.

AUTHOR: Rebecca Holcomb

1. Black Metal Chef

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This vegan show is unlike any other cooking show you'll likely catch anytime soon. Created by Brian Manowitz, his content combines his love of black metal and veganism to give his audience an exciting spin on cooking excellent, meat-free cuisine. If you've never seen vegetables cut with finger daggers, check Brian's YouTube channel out.

2. Top Vegan Chef

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This professionally produced YouTube offering is a dual hit of vegan goodness. Combining entertainment and education, Top Vegan Chef looks to deliver quality vegan television while maintaining a vegan standard of cooking that will satiate even a newbie vegan palette.

3. It's CompliPlated

It's CompliPlated (2022)
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Jumping into the game, The Food Network produced the first mainstream vegan cooking show with It's CompliPlated. Recently, host Tabitha Brown took to Instagram to let her fans know that nothing with her had changed, despite her show moving from Thursday evenings to Tuesday afternoons. While The Food Network has yet to address the abrupt change in Tabitha's show day and time, her remarks posted to Instagram after the fact imply that she wouldn't succumb to their requests that she modify who she is.

4. Peeled

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Purportedly the first all-vegan cooking show to have an all-vegan cast, Peeled is championing compassionate cooking and vegan lifestyle awareness. Styled after the popular Food Network show, Chopped, this elimination round cooking show offers vegan-centered prizes for the person who manages to impress the panel of professional judges.

5. Esther the Wonder Pig

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This delightfully interesting show is about Esther the Wonder Pig and creating dishes that her dads, Derek and Steve, enjoy sharing with her and their YouTube audience. Mistaken for a 'mini-pig,' Esther continued to grow until she was a beautiful 600 pounds. She needed much more space than her tinier cousins, so her dads opened an animal sanctuary in her honor. If you're interested in Esther and want to learn more, you can visit Esther's Kitchen on Facebook.

6. The Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show

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If you like comfort food like chicken salad and carrot cake, you've got to check out the website for The Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show. The pictures alone will make your mouth water. This show will have you begging for more, from summer-ready butter pecan ice cream to picnic-style black bean burgers; your tastebuds will thank you for tuning in.

7. Rainbow Plant Life

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Meet Nisha Vora, content creator behind the Rainbow Plant Life YouTube channel. With a mix of vegan and Indian-inspired dishes, you can tease your tastebuds with everything from soft, homemade Naan bread to spicy tofu curry. This family-oriented series is full of fun for everyone to enjoy.

8. The Nard Dog Cooks

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If you like videos where people teach by doing without all the noise of talking, this vegan cooking show is for you. Andrew Bernard shares his masterful cooking tips and meals with you, explaining at the end why those meals resonate with him as he walks his vegan journey.

9. Living on the Veg

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If you've ever wanted simple-to-make, easy, "normal people" recipes you can make from real ingredients you pick up at your local market, then this YouTube channel is for you. Known as BOSH!, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are friends who became vegan for different reasons. Their notable British accents will entertain you as they educate you on the "proper roast dinner."

10. New Day, New Chef

New Day, New Chef
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Premiering in 2020, this Amazon Prime show centers on Jane Velez-Mitchell and a slew of guest hosts on a journey to vegan Heaven. Running a team of more than 60 volunteers, Jane produces news content that centers on animal rights and the vegan lifestyle, including New Day New Chef, which centers on cooking up some of the best fully vegan recipes for your flavor-desperate tastebuds. If you want fun and food, you can stream Jane's favorite vegan cooking show on Amazon Prime.

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