Does Instant Pot Come with a Steamer Basket?

By | May 1, 2017
Does Instant Pot come with a steamer basket

So you are thinking about buying an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.

Do you know what accessories you’ll get with your purchase?

Does your Instant Pot come with a steamer basket or a slow cooker lid?

Do you know what extra parts and pieces you may need to buy?

For starters you will have to buy a steamer basket separately because it does not come with the pot. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a few steamer baskets listed below.

What’s an Instant Pot Steamer Basket Used For?

A steamer basket is like a plate-shaped rack on stilts. This device is placed inside the pressure cooker and is used for steaming objects without having to submerge them in water. Common foods that necessitate the use of steamer baskets are vegetables and dumplings.

The steamer basket aids in the cooking of these foods because they are kept away from water. They are cooked through the steam and pressure generated by the Instant Pot.

So Does the Instant Pot Come With A Steamer Basket, Rack, or Trivet?

Unfortunately, the Instant Pot does not come with a steamer basket. You do get a short rack and trivet which can be used for steaming certain types of items but an actual basket basket must be purchased separately.

Here are a few steamer baskets that work with Instant Pot electric pressure cookers.


An Alternative to Buying a Steaming Basket for the Instant Pot

If you see yourself doing a lot of steaming then consider this. The steamer basket is such a simple tool that you can actually make one yourself.

To make one simply grab two aluminum pie plates, punch holes in one then flip it upside down and put it inside the pot. Fill the pot with water just right up to the top of the plate. Get the second one and flatten it with a rolling pin or a similar object. Get a parchment round and place it on top of the flattened pie plate and punch holes through both items. Place the items on top of the first plate and there you go, your own homemade steamer basket!

The whole point is to get your food up and away from the water and keep it contained in something resembling a bowl or basket. Just working with aluminum pie plates I’m sure you can get creative enough to whip something together yourself.

What Other Accessories Come With Instant Pot Pressure Cookers?

The better what to form this question is what accessories come with the Instant Pot. When you buy an Instant Pot you will get a wire rack/trivet that raises up an inch or so off the bottom of the pot and that’s it.

In most homes that is really all you need to use the pot but there are soem cool accessories you can buy seperately to make your experience in the kitchen even nicer.

  1. The Glass Lid – This lid is a perfect see-through lid for the instant pot that is best used when sauteing food, browning, or slow cooking. Basically any cooking funtion that doesn’t require pressure to cook.
  2. Extra Cook Pots – You can buy additional stainless steel cooking interior pots for the Instant Pot. This makes it handy to cook two different things one after the other without having to empty and clean a pot. You can also get non-stick cook pots which are good for different kinds of dishes you may be making.

  3. Yogurt Making Cups – If you have an Instant Pot Duo model then you have access to a yogurt program. Although not exactly a flashy selling feature once you make your first batch of yogurt you realize how awesome it actually is. You can easily put the yogurt in anything you want but Instant Pot does have these cool yogurt cups you can buy to keep things organized and clean.

These are the main accessories you might want to buy, but as I said earlier none are really required. A steamer basket is probably the most obvious and necessary accessory to own so make sure you get one. They don’t cost much and you’ll appreciate the convenience later when you are using it.

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