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Sometimes certain products seem too similar to immediately see their differences. I know exactly how frustrating it can be to look at two products and wonder why one is more expensive than the other. I also know that two products from competing brands can be hard to compare when they seem the same and are priced similarly. That’s why I have started this section on the site to help you figure out what products are right for your needs and for your budget. Frequently lower priced items are best for the consumer and I’m happy to let you know when I think this is the case. Check below for all of the comparisons on this site and when I have enough published I’ll give you some sorting options to choose from.

Mirro vs Presto Pressure Canners

Canning is considered as one the healthiest ways to cook and preserve food. According to the U.S.D.A., canning method is the safest and easiest way to cook low acid foods. If you want to preserve fruits, meat, and seafood, home canning cookware should be readily available in your kitchen. Here at, we will review two of the… Read More »

VonShef Air Fryer VS Phillips Air Fryers

Here’s another interesting article for you. In today’s article we’re going to compare two of these that are loved for entirely different reasons. The Philips is loved because of its functionality, versatility and even its looks. The VonShef is loved because of its beautiful name. So, in today’s article we are going to compare the Philips Air Fryer… Read More »